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09 March 2008

Zimmerly Questions

As I mentioned in a previous post, it was pointed out to me that a Samuel Zimmerly is listed in a 1860 Visalia, California census record. Since my 2nd great grandfather enlisted in California just a year later, I assumed that this was him. However, I found a listing for another Samuel Zimmerly on the online California Genealogy and History Archives.

He is listed on the bottom of the page of the Tulare County Great Register of 1898. This man was 53 years old in 1898, which would make his birthdate circa 1845. This would make him 15 years old in 1860, not much younger than the 21 year old enumerated in the 1860 census. Other information about this Samuel Zimmerly is that he lived in Lindsay, CA and was orginally from Ohio.

One more point, both Lindsay and Visalia are in the same county.

Who is this Samuel Zimmerly? What is his relationship to my 2nd great grandfather, if any? I'm going to have to do further research. This register is not in the Albuquerque Special Collections Library. However, there are two other Tulane County books in their catalogue - a listing of marriage records, and a index of the 1860 census. I'm going to see what I can find in those books. If I can't find anything, I may check with the California Genealogy and History Archives website to see if I can do some further research for me.


Tim Swann said...

My two children are descendents of Jose Estanislau Miera and Tereza Zimmerly. I have much less information on side of the family and like you most information ends at Samuel Zimmerly. The hand written records I have from there great grandmother Carmen Rosalina Baca who was married to Stephen Maurice Miera. The note indicates the Samuel's middle initial was "J" he was born March 14, 1837, he came from Pottsdam Germany, and his family name may have been spelled Zimmerleigh. Your records seem to be far more accurate than mine and the names seem to be more accurate. Some of the names I have appear to be English versions (like their grandfathers first name).

Robert Baca said...


Yes, the information that Samuel Zimmerly is from Pottsdam, Germany seems to be incorrect. All documents indicate that he was "Suisa" or Swiss.

I would like to know more about what you have about Jose E. Meira and Tereza Zimmerly. I know some of the descendants, but certainly not all of them. You may contact me through my e-mail address

Maggie said...

Hi, my name is Margaret "Maggie" Wilhelm Hampton. I am a cousin of Tim's kids. Our grandma is Edna Miera, daughter of Stephen Maurice Miera and Carmen Baca. I found a book about the zimmerly family the came over and their decendants, but nothing about Samuel. If you have any new info, that would be great. Also, if you have any info about Carmen Baca's family, that would be amazing. My email is