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19 March 2008

Zimmerly Civil War Pension Records

Yesterday, I received in the mail Civil War pension records for my 2nd great grandfather Samuel Zimmerly and his widow Paula Zimmerly de Torres. What can be found in these documents:

* Samuel Zimmerly declared that he was an invalid due to rheumatism contacted while in the army. He claimed to have been exposed to "damp, wet weather."

* Samuel was working as a carpenter while living in Socorro, New Mexico.

* There are two documents that include Samuel's signature.

* A couple of the documents include Paula's mark (apparently she could not write.)

* Certain affadavits include statements and signatures by prominent Socorro residents such as Samuel Meek and Luis Maria Baca.

* One record includes a list of items and value of Paula's property.

* Handwritten copies of Samuel and Paula's marriage record, as well as the baptismal records of four of their children: Maria Dolores, Estavan, Tereza and Ricardo Maximiano.

* A letter from the Socorro County Assessor Ricardo Zimmerly to the Pension Department announcing his mother's death on 23 July 1917.

... and a bunch of other stuff.

There is no new information about Samuel's family. The copy of the marriage record once again states that he was Swiss, and that he was the son of Santiago Zimmerly and Maria Schus.

Luis Maria Baca declared that as far as he knew, Samuel was not married before he married Paula Torres. But then again, he only knew Samuel since 1864.

I hope to write an article about Samuel Zimmerly soon. I'll probably publish it in the New Mexico Genealogist. Maybe I'll give the readers of this blog a sneak peak.

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