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31 May 2007

Online: The Other Luna Family

The Family History Archive has online the book The Other Luna Family: The Maternal Ancestry of Miguel de San Juan by Margaret L. Buxton. This a great source for many people looking for their New Mexican Luna ancestors.

Many good New Mexico genealogical resources on one site!

Nancy Lopez, my fourth cousin that I discovered through the Internet, has a fantastic website called My New Mexico Roots.

Here are just a few links that I think you should see on her site:

* Her pedigree chart

* The 1850 Census of Lemitar, New Mexico

* Dilegencia Matrimonials for the Armijo, Baca, and Lopez families.

* Early Lopez Settlers on the Rio Abajo

* Bernardo Miera y Pacheco's 1779 Map of New Mexico

...and many more resources.

By the way, Nancy is my fourth cousin through our 3rd great-grandparents Francisco Luna and Concepcion Sena.

Juan Baca's Baptism

The baptismal record of my paternal great-grandfather, Juan Baca y Luna


Febrero 1871 (page) 139

Juan Vaca

Hoy dia once de este mes bautize a Juan Vaca nacido en Lemitar el dia diez de este mismo mes hijo legit(imo) de Martin Vaca y Rita Luna. Padrinos=Nepomuceno Castillo y Barbara Lopez.


February 1871 (page) 139

Juan Vaca

On the 11th day of this month baptized Juan Vaca born in Lemitar on the 10th day of this month, the legitimate son of Martin Vaca and Rita Luna. Godparents: Nepomuceno Casatillo and Barbara Lopez.


Recently, my uncles and I had a discussion about Juan Vaca. They said that he was not a true Baca, but rather that he was adopted. They said that he may have been a Luna. They also said that he was originally from Pena Blanca, NM. This record shows that he was indeed a legitimate son of Martin Baca and not adopted, also that he was born in Lemitar, NM.

They may have be mistaken as to which ancestor was adopted. This Baca family is indeed originally from Pena Blanca. I have not found a baptismal record for Juan's father Martin. Maybe Martin is the adopted child.

Source: Archives of the Archdioses of Santa Fe, microfilm, Roll # 16994

A Concise History of New Mexico

"A Concise History of New Mexico" by Le Baron Bradford Prince was published in the same year that New Mexico became a state - 1912. The book is only 272 pages and covers from pre-Columbian times to American occupation.

Click on here to read the book on Google books.

30 May 2007

The Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Volume I

Google Books has an online copy of "The Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Volume 1" by Ralph Emerson Twitchell. Click on this link to access this book.

This book lists many of the Spanish New Mexican documents that can be found on microfilm in certain genealogy libraries such as The Albuquerque Special Collections Library.

Unfortunately, I did not find volume 2 of this book.

Thinking about a family reunion

Since I've been thinking about the Zimmerly family a lot lately, I've been thinking that I should put together a Zimmerly Family Reunion next year. Therefore, I've been looking on the web for hints on how to put together a reunion.

Here are a few pages of tips on Genealogy.

29 May 2007

Primary Source Documents

As a genealogist and a (future) history teacher, I believe in using primary documents whenever possible. Therefore, I began including primary documents on this blog. You can find a listing of documents here.

Crespin Torres' Death Certificate

Crespin Torres, my 2nd Great Grandfather

This is the Crespin Torres, father of my great-grandfather Ignacio Torres. I've always liked this photo. He looks like a very rugged individual. I think I've inherited some of my looks from him - I have the Torres nose.

Crespin was born on 25 October 1847 to Anastacio Torres and Josefa Montoya. He married Andrea Trujillo on 5 April 1869. She preceded him to the grave. According to this certificate, Crespin died a few days before his 90th birthday on 21 October 1937 of gangrene caused by diabites.

Crespin Torres' Certificate of Death (click on photo to get a larger picture)

Source: Death Certificate, #5335. New Mexico. County of Socorro.

26 May 2007

Who is Justin(e) Zimmerly? World War II serviceman.

I found a World War II Army Enlistment record for Justine Zimmerly on today.

The record shows that he was born in 1922 in Bernalillo (city or county), New Mexico. He enlisted on 2 September 1942 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He had four years of high school education. He was single, with dependents. He was 5'8", 152 pounds. His civilian occupation was either a crane operator, power shovel operator, or hoist operator. He enlisted as a private for the duration of the war or other emergency, plus six months.

If you know who this man is, please post on this site.

Ignacio Torres' World War I draft card

Ignacio Torres was my paternal grandmother's father. His draft card shows that he was born on 25 October 1875. He was a white man born in the United States. He was a laborer who worked for Ed Dodd in Socorro, NM. His wife was Mrs. Andrea Montoya Torres, and they both lived in Socorro, NM. He was a tall man of medium build who had black hair and black eyes. He completed his registraton on 12 September 1918.

Ignacio Torres' World War I draft card

I found this World War I Draft Registration card on on 26 May 2007.

Rafael Baca's World War I draft card

According to his 12 September 1918 draft card Rafael P. Baca, a native born white man, was born on 8 February 1878. He was a self employed farmer. His was was Josefita P. Baca. They both lived in Socorro, NM. He was of medium height and build. He had brown eyes and hair. It appears that his brother Maximiano P. Baca was the registrar for this document.

I searched for draft cards for Rafael's brothers, including Maximiano, but not find any.

Rafael Baca was my great-grandfather, the father of my maternal grandfather.

Rafael Baca's World War I draft card

This record was found on on 26 May 2007.

The Zimmerly family registers for the World War I draft

Of the three sons of Samuel and Paubla (Torres) Zimmerly, two of them registered for the World War I draft - Ricardo and Estevan Zimmerly. A son of the oldest brother, Juan Jose Zimmerly, also registered - Sam Zimmerly.

From these records, I've gleened the following information:

Ricardo Maximiano Zimmerly, born 6 May 1878, was the Socorro County Assessor on September 12, 1918. He was White and born in the United States. He lived in Socorro, New Mexico. His wife was Lizzie Stackpole Zimmerly. He was of a tall and slender build. He had no physical impairments.

Ricardo's brother Stephen Zimmerly (my great-grandfather) was born on 3 October 1887 in Socorro, N.M. USA where he also resided. On 5 June 1917 he was a deputy assessor under his brother Ricardo. He had a wife and 4 childrren at this time. He did not claim an exemption from the draft. He was a caucasion of medium height and slender built. He had brown eyes and hair, and was not bald. He had no physical disability. He signed his draft card under his spanish name Estevan Zimmerly.

Ricardo and Stephen's nephew Sam Zimmerly was born on 21 January 1889 in Socoro, New Mex. USA. He lived in this same town. He was a self-employed farmer. His dependants included his wife, child and brothers. He claimed an exemption because of his dependants. He was cacausion of medium height and slender build. He had brown eyes and hair and was not bald. He was not disabled. He signed his draft card on 5 June 1917.

As far as I know, none of these men actually served during the war.

Stephen (Estevan) Zimmerly's World War I draft card

These records were found on on 26 May 2007.

See also Ricardo Zimmerly's and Samuel T. Zimmerly's draft cards.

Military records are free on-line until D-Day

Military records are free on until June 6, 2007, the anniversary of D-Day. I am taking the opportunity to search for records - you should, too.

I've already found a number of World War I draft cards on my ancestors and other relatives. I'll post their information on this blog later.

One of the things that I found interesting on the site are actual World War II newsreels. I plan to use them when I teach school next semester - if I get a job by then. By the way, I finally got my BA in Education! Woo Hoo! I'm applying at schools here in Albuquerque, NM and the surrounding communities. Please post on this site if you have any leads for a middle school or high school social studies teacher position. Thanks.

24 May 2007

Too many women named Nancy Hanks?

As I mentioned in a blog entry that I made last year, my wife may be a distant cousin of Abraham Lincoln through his mother Nancy Hanks. The only problem proving this, however, is that there were many different women named Nancy Hanks that could have possibly been his mother. There is no definate way of showing my wife's relationship to this American president.

A discussion about the true identity of Nancy Hanks can be found on the webpage Will the Real Nancy Hanks Please Stand Up?

For more information about the Hanks Family, check out Hanks for the Memories.

23 May 2007

Research Guide: Mexico

FamilySearch.Org has a great Research Guide for Mexico. It explains not only how to use church and census records, but also defines certain terms that you will come across when doing research.

Wedding of Esteban Zimmerly and Delfina Torres

On April 22, 1908, Esteban Zimmerly, the son of Samuel and Maria Paubla (Torres) Zimmerly married Delfina Torres, the daughter of Jose Epitacio and Maria Guadalupe (Padilla) Torres in the San Miguel Parish, Socorro, New Mexico. Esteban and Delfina were my maternal grandmother's parents.

This picture was taken on the wedding day. It was sent to me a few years ago by a distant cousin who is descended from Delfina's sister Josefita Torres. Josefita would later marry Herminio Aragon.

All of the children pictured are the sons and daughters of my 2nd great grandparents Jose Epitacio and Maria Torres. According to my cousin, the people in the picture are as follows:

Top Row, from left to right: Jose Epitacio Torres, Valentin Torres, Defina (or Aldelfina) Torres, Estevan Deluvino Zimmerly, Josefita Torres, "Gallegos" (brother to Maria Padilla), Maria Guadalupe Torres, and Jose Torres (baby.)

Sitting on steps, left to right: Maria Dolores Torres (adopted), Maria Guadalupe Torres, and Juana Maria Torres - also known as Jenny or Evita.

Update: Judi Darling informed me that she is the one who sent me this photo. Her brother Larry Gonzales is the one who labeled the people in this picture. 12/3/2007.

Dunn / Poole marriage record

I am now looking for the Carroll Livingston Dunn and Viola Fern Poole's marriage record. The information I have is that they were married on 30 November 1930 in Monticello, Illinois. Monticello is in Piatt County; therefore I sent an email today to the Piatt County Historical and Genealogical Society. I'll post on this site if I receive a response from them.

Update: 5/24/2007 6:30 PM:

Twice I tried to send an email to the historical society, but it bounced back both times. I will have to send a snail mail to them instead.

Original Settlers of the Village of Belen

Here is a link to a list of the Original Settlers of the Village of Belen.

Belen, New Mexico Genealogy Records Database

Many of my ancestors came from Belen, New Mexico. The Belen, New Mexico Genealogy Records Database includes censuses, pre-nuptial investigations, and tax lists. Although these records can be found in certain published works, this database can be useful for those people who do not have access to those books.

20 May 2007

The Ignacio and Andrea (Montoya) Torres family

Ignacio Torres and family. Clockwise from top: Jose M. Torres, Ignacio Torres, Anastacio Torres, Margaret Torres, Andrea (Montoya) Torres, Maria Teresa Torres.

Ignacio and Andrea (Montoya) Torres were my great grandparents. Maria Teresa Torres was my paternal grandmother. This photograph was taken c. 1920.