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22 September 2013

Descendants of Petronila Garcia Jurado, Matricarch of the Rio Abajo

Yesterday, September 21, 2013, I gave a presentation for the New Mexico Genealogical Society on one of my ancestors, Petronila Garcia Jurado. She was the only daughter of Ramon Garcia Jurado and Juana Antonia de Espindola y de las Heras. She married Juan Antonio Baca, the son of Manuel Baca and Maria de Salazar.

Her life history is interesting. After her husband died, she became part of a months long battle over her husband's estate. I'm not going to give the details - I'll do that when I finally publish the article - but I will tell you that it is fascinating. As part of my presentation, I handed out a list of Petronila's descendants. That list is in the PDF file below.


Although I am pretty confident in my research abilities, I warn the reader to only use this information as clues to your own genealogy. Don't copy it wholesale on to your databases, or use it as "proof" for your genealogy. One reason is that I don't include the sources. The second is that this document does not include exact dates, or places.

Keep an eye out for the article. I hope to publish it by next year. It will be co-authored by Patricia Sanchez Rau, who provided me with a translation of a document that I used for the article.

Robert Baca

01 September 2013

Census Records are Free at Labor Day Weekend, 2013

Census records are free to view at, Labor Day weekend (August 30th through September 2nd!) Click on this LINK to check them out.