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28 January 2015

Cayetano Torres

On her "1598 New Mexico" blog, Henrietta Martinez Christmas published the 1780 "will" of Cayetano Torres (click her to read her post.) Cayetano Torres was my 6th great grandfather:

Cayetano Torres, father of Antonia Rita Torres, mother of Maria Clara Lorenza Silva, mother of Juan Tomas Montoya, father of Jose Casmiro Montoya, father of Juana Andrea Montoya, mother of Maria Teresa Torres,  mother of Robert C. Baca, father of Robert J. C. Baca.

Actually, this is not a will, as Cayetano (Calletano) Torres died intestate on 25 April 1780. According to the document that Henrietta translated, Cayetano Torres left his property to his wife and his four legitimate children and legal heirs.

Cayetano's widow was Feliciana Ballejos. His heirs were Javier Garcia, the widower of Cayetano's daughter Juana Maria Torres; Salvador Armijo, the husband of Cayetano's daughter Maria Francisca Torres; and Cayetano's other children Juan Francisco Torres and Antonia Rita Torres. Antonia Rita was not quite 6 years old when her father died.

The executor of the estate was Pablo de Salazar. The lieutenant to the Chief Alcalde, Juan Francisco Baca, appointed Feliciana Ballejos as guardian of the property. Jose Francisco Pino and Toribio Garcia Jurado witnessed Juan Francisco Baca's signature. Coincidentally, Pablo de Salazar, Juan Francisco Baca and Toribio Garcia Jurado were all my ancestors.

An inventory was taken of the deceased's estate. After paying funeral expenses, the property was divided half to the widow and the other half to the other heirs.