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31 December 2016

1897 Obituary: Manuel Gallegos y Baca (with genealogy reports)

I found an obituary for a certain Manuel Gallegos y Baca in the 12 March 1897 issue of "The Chieftain" newspaper (Socorro, NM.)

Manuel Gallegos y Baca, of this city, died at his home last Sunday morning, and the funeral ceremony and burial took place the following day. The deceased was born at Belen, January 1st 1819, and came to Socorro in the early thirties. He was married in 1840 to Maria Quitira Garcia, who died about two years ago. They had ten chidren of whom seven survive, viz: Manuel, Fernando, Florentino, Felicitas, Juanita, Martin and Emilia, who are all married.

Source:  Obituary: Manuel Gallegos y Baca, The Chieftain (Socorro, New Mexico), 12 March 1897; online archives ( : accessed 30 December 2015).

You can access the obituary here.

I did a little bit of research, and was able to find some information about his and his wife's ancestry.  Below I show that ancestry through their daughter Maria Dolores Gallegos. I have particular interest in this family because one of their descendants Eloisa Stackpole married my great granduncle Ricardo Zimmerly. Click on the links below to see descendant and ancestry charts of this family.

Descendants of Manuel Gallegos

Ancestors of Maria Dolores Gallegos

Correction: My distant cousin M.W.H. pointed out on Facebook that I forgot to mention that Manuel Gallegos' grandson Herminio Torres also married a Zimmerly, my great grandaunt Gertrudes Zimmerly. This is true. I actually have him listed in the "Descendants of Manuel Gallegos" report above, but I forgot to mention him specifically in this post. Sorry! - Robert J.C. Baca, 1 January 2017.

2017 Genealogy Resolutions

Well, it's that time again: 2016 is about to close. It is time to make genealogy resolutions.

For 2016, I said that I was going to do three things:
1. I was going to enter enough names in my genealogy database to have 10,000 names. Well, this is what actually happened:

As you can see, as of a few minutes ago, I have only 8,613 names in my database. I'm 1,400 short. I chalk this up to making sure my database included quality research, rather than quantity. Right.
2. I said that I would publish a book on the Socorro Land Grant families. Well, I'm still working on it. I've registered a book publishing company with the state and city, but I'm probably 2 or 3 months away from finishing this project.
3. I said that I would publish articles in a number of publications this year. I didn't publish one *darn* article in ANY journal this year. Oops.
So, what are my resolutions for this year:
1. Get to the 10,000 mark on my database. That's doable. I added nearly 2,000 names this year.
2. Publish part I of my Socorro Land Grant book. Yes! I can do this.
3. Maybe publish an article or two in a journal or newspaper I haven't published in before. I can do this.
4. Complete my indexing of Socorro death certificates found on I indexed quite a lot this year already. I think I can finish. See my other blog, The Socorro Land Grant Research Project, for the death certificates I've already indexed.
That's it! Four resolutions this year, instead of three. I guess I never learn.
Happy New Year!