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28 November 2009

Signor (Sydnor) Hanks family in the 1850 US Census

Below is the 1850 Census record for my wife's 2nd great grandparents Sydnor and Elizabeth Hanks (Family # 183.) This enumeration shows the following family members:

Signor Hanks, 38 years old, male, farmer ("), $1,500 in real property, born in Kentucky
Elizabeth (Hanks), 29 years old, female, born in Kentucky, person over 20 years old who cannot read or write.
Elijah (Hanks), 13 years old, male, born in Kentucky
Susan J. (Hanks), 11 years old, female, born in Indiana
Sarah F. (Hanks), 9 years old, female, born in Indiana
Matilda (Hanks), 7 or 8 (?) years old, female, born in Indiana

From this record, it appears that the family moved from Kentucky to Indiana between 1837 and 1839, which would be the birth years of Elijah (born in Kentucky) and Susan F. (born in Indiana.)

My wife's great-grandfather John William Hanks would not be born until 1856, which is the reason that he was not listed in this census.

I was researching this information because my sister-in-law had questions about Susan J. Hanks.

See also The Sydnor Hanks Family - 1860 Census and the 1870 Census.

Signor Hanks family, 1850 U. S. census, enumeration schedule, state of Indiana, Hamblin township, Brown County, dwelling # 183, family # 186, retrieved 28 November 2009; digital image, Records Search, pilot site, Family Search website (

01 November 2009

John William Hanks Family, 1900 U.S. Census

I found my wife's great-grandparents in the 1900 United States Census of Sergeant Township, Douglas County, Illinois. John William Hanks and Amanda Ann Craven were her paternal grandmother's parents. They are listed here in dwelling # 209, household # 209, as John and Mandy A. Hanks. Their daughter Ethel M., who is listed on the record as being 3 years old, was my wife's grandmother.

Click on the image below to get a better view of this record:

I retrieved this page today from the Family Search, Records Search website. Click on this link to go to that site.

A couple more deceased uncles, and an aunt....

Yesterday, I mentioned that I found a death record for my father's stillborn brother Robert Lewis Baca. As I mentioned, Robert Lewis was born before my father - hence, the same first name as my dad. However, my family also mentioned that there were two other children of my paternal grandparents who were also stillborn.

I didn't know if they were born before of after my father's birth. However, I found a couple of death record abstracts on the Family Search, Record Search page that confirmed that they were born after my father:

Lily Florence Baca died on 30 August 1933, while Raymond Eugine (sic) Baca died on 15 November 1934. My father, Robert Carlos Baca, was born on 6 April 1932. My aunt Teresa once showed me where my father's two brothers and sister were buried - there is no gravestones, just a few stones mark the spot in the San Miguel Cemetery.
I also searched for a record for another uncle, this time a son of my maternal grandparents Santiago Baca and Pablita Zimmerly (remember, my mother's maiden name is also Baca.) Estevan Baca, who was named after my great grandfather Estevan Zimmerly, died a little over a month after he was born. The family story was that the doctor did not know how to use forceps and crushed my uncle's spine. My uncle Estevan, or Steven as the gravestone has his name, is buried in my family's plot at the San Miguel Cemetery in Socorro, New Mexico.
Below is the abstract that shows that he died on 5 May 1938 in Socorro, Socorro County, New Mexico. I didn't know until I found this record yesterday that his middle name was Carlos.

Coincidentally, today is El Dia de los Muertos - the Day of the Dead.