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31 October 2009

Creepy Halloween Find

I found a creepy death record today; one perfect for Halloween. On the Rootsweb Socorro County discussion list, someone posted the Family Search, Records Search page. He said it was a good place to search for New Mexico death records. I put in my father's name, Robert Baca. The search brought up a number of men by that name who died in New Mexico, but none after the mid 1940s. My dad died in 1999. However, one of the abstracts caught my eye:

I recognized the names of the parents of the deceased as my grandparents, Robert Baca and Terecita (Teresa) Torres, and that the death place was Socorro, New Mexico. A Robert Lewis Baca, the son of my grandparents, died on 6 May 1931. He was 0 years old.

I knew that although my father was the oldest child of his parents, he certainly was not the first one born. He was also not the first one with the name Robert Baca. According to my father, my grandparents had a child who was either stillborn or died soon after birth by the name of Robert Luis Baca. This abstract confirms that I had an uncle who died as a baby.

Happy Halloween!

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