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29 September 2007

My Parents' Marriage Record

I found my parents' marriage record on the Archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe microfilm roll # 16997. It was on page 26 of a book titled "Liber Matrimonium". The marriage was recorded in Latin, as was the custom at that time for Catholic churches. Below is the two page entry for that marriage. (Click on the images below to get a larger view.)

Robert C. Baca and Frances R. Baca were married on 27 October 1954 at the San Miguel Parish in Socorro, New Mexico. Robert's parents were Robert Baca and Teresa Torres:

Frances' parents were Santiago Baca and Paulina Baca. Ernest Manning and Ida Manning were their witnesses. Fr. Louis Antlitz officiated the wedding.

Another Picture from My Mom and Dad's Wedding

Below is another photo from my mom and dad's wedding. My great uncle Albert Zimmerly lent me this photo to scan.

My Mom and Me 21 Years Ago

Earlier in this blog, I posted a photo of my dad and me at the San Miguel Church around the time of my high school graduation. Below is a picture of my mom and me after the same graduation mass. This photo was taken in May 1986.

Frances R. Baca and Robert J. C. Baca in the San Miguel Church parking lot, Socorro, NM.

Death Certificate: Estevan Zimmerly

Below is a photo of my great-grandfather Estevan Zimmerly. He was my maternal grandmother Paublita (Zimmerly) Baca's father. He was not quite 49 years old when he died.

Below is Estevan's death certificate. According to this record, he was a White male who was married to Delfina Tores. He was born on 30 October 1887 and died on 20 September 1936 in Socorro, New Mexico. His occupation was clerical, and he worked for the conservancy district; he last worked there in February 1932. His father was Samuel Zimmerly, who was from Germany (Samuel's marriage records indicates that he was "Swiss".) His mother was Paublita Torres of Socorro. R.M. Zimmerly was the informant for this record.

His death certificate lists a number of ailments that he suffered from. Since it's hard to read the handwriting, I won't try to guess what they were. My understanding was that he was left paralyzed from a botched operation, and that this somehow led to his death.

Death Certificate: Guadalupe (Padilla) Torres

Below is a picture of my great-great grandmother Guadalupe (Padilla) Torres. She and her husband Jose Epitacio Torres were the parents of my great-grandmother Delfina (Torres) Zimmerly, which also makes her the maternal grandmother of my maternal grandmother Paublita (Zimmerly) Baca.

Below is her death certificate. According to the record, Guadalupe Padilla Torres was a Spanish married female. Her husband was Jose E. Torres. She was born in 1869 in Socorro, New Mexico. She died on 4 November 1920 of a cerebral hemorage. She was 51 years old.

Her father's was Manuel Padilla of Socorro (other records attest to his name being Felipe Padilla.) Her mother's name was not known (from other records we know that her name was Juana Maria Garcia.) Her son Valentin Torres was the informant for the certificate.

Click on the document below to get a larger view.