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30 April 2007

Samuel Zimmerly - California Civil War Roster

My 2nd great grandfather Samuel Zimmerly was a member of the "California Column", which were a group of Union regiments that came to New Mexico during the Civil War. On this site he is listed as a member of Company B of the California 1st Regiment of the Infantry. According to this document, he was a corporal who enrolled at Camp Latham, California on October 13, 1861. He mustered out at Santa Fe, New Mexico on November 3, 1864 after completing his term of service.

Here you may find a short history of his regiment.

All of this information may be found in the book "Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1867" by Brig.-Gen. Richard H. Orton which was published in 1890. A complete transcription of the book is on the web at the California Civil War Rosters Transcription Project.

29 April 2007

Searching for my Zimmerly cousins

Below are three generations of the Zimmerly clan. In my database I have more generations than this, but most of those people are still alive and therefore I will not post them on this blog. However, I would like to find more of my Zimmerly cousins. If you are descended from these people, please send me an E-mail with details on how you are related. Maybe one of these days we can have a Family Reunion in Socorro.

Descendants of Samuel James and Maria Paubla (Torres) Zimmerly

Generation No. 1

1. SAMUEL JAMES2 ZIMMERLY (SANTIAGO1) was born March 14, 1837 in Switzerland, and died November 20, 1887. He married MARIA PAUBLA TORRES September 29, 1866 in San Miguel Parish, Socorro, NM, daughter of RICARDO TORRES and MARIA PADILLA. She was born June 06, 1849 in Socorro, NM, and died July 23, 1917.

2. i. JUAN JOSE3 ZIMMERLY, b. January 14, 1868; d. March 20, 1916, Luis Lopez, NM.
3. ii. GERTUDE ZIMMERLY, b. August 01, 1871; d. September 06, 1920.
4. iii. RICARDO ZIMMERLY, b. May 06, 1878; d. December 30, 1947.
5. iv. MARIA DOLORES ZIMMERLY, b. March 03, 1881; d. September 18, 1947, Socorro, NM.
6. v. TERESA ZIMMERLY, b. September 24, 1884; d. October 17, 1965, Socorro General Hospital, Socorro, NM.
7. vi. ESTEVAN DELUVINO ZIMMERLY, b. October 03, 1887; d. September 20, 1936, Socorro, NM.

Generation No. 2

2. JUAN JOSE3 ZIMMERLY (SAMUEL JAMES2, SANTIAGO1) was born January 14, 1868, and died March 20, 1916 in Luis Lopez, NM. He married ISABEL TORRES February 08, 1888 in Socorro, NM, daughter of EDUARDO TORRES and JULIANA ORTEGA.

i. SAMUEL T.4 ZIMMERLY, b. January 21, 1889; d. October 1974, Albuquerque, NM; m. JUANITA TORRES, September 14, 1914, Socorro, NM.
ii. PAULA ZIMMERLY, b. March 02, 1891.
iii. TOMASITA ZIMMERLY, b. July 05, 1893.
iv. FLORA ZIMMERLY, b. December 31, 1894; m. RAMON SALAZAR, May 26, 1917, Socorro, NM.
v. EDUARDO ZIMMERLY, b. December 04, 1897; d. October 30, 1914, Socorro, NM.
vi. JUSTIANO ZIMMERLY, b. May 18, 1900.
vii. TIMITEO ZIMMERLY, b. Bef. December 14, 1902.
viii. JULIANA ZIMMERLY, b. Bef. December 14, 1902.
ix. BENEDICTA ZIMMERLY, b. September 08, 1905; d. December 1981, Albuquerque, NM.

3. GERTUDE3 ZIMMERLY (SAMUEL JAMES2, SANTIAGO1) was born August 01, 1871, and died September 06, 1920. She married HERMINIO TORRES November 01, 1889 in Socorro, NM, son of JOSE TORRES and MARIA GALLEGOS. He was born May 09, 1869 in Socorro, NM.

i. MARIA PAULA4 TORRES, b. July 29, 1890.
ii. ERNEST TORRES, b. December 02, 1897; d. March 16, 1935.
iii. ANITA JOSEPHINA TORRES, b. May 30, 1900.
iv. ELISA ISABEL TORRES, b. December 26, 1902; d. February 24, 1954.

4. RICARDO3 ZIMMERLY (SAMUEL JAMES2, SANTIAGO1) was born May 06, 1878, and died December 30, 1947. He married ELOISA STACKPOLE February 26, 1900, daughter of RICHARD STACKPOLE and ELICIA TORRES.

i. SAMUEL JAMES4 ZIMMERLY, b. December 20, 1900; d. January 13, 1994; m. FELICITA ABDALLAH, November 17, 1923.
ii. JOSE LUIS ZIMMERLY, b. October 07, 1902; m. FRANKIE.
iii. ALICE ZIMMERLY, b. June 05, 1904; m. HENRY DEL CURTO.
iv. CHARLES E. ZIMMERLY, b. November 04, 1905; d. November 17, 1961; m. HILDA BATEMAN.
v. FIDELA PRESCILA ZIMMERLY, b. July 13, 1908; d. Abt. 1910.
vi. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ZIMMERLY, b. July 20, 1910; d. December 1979; m. CORNELIA NEAL RICHARDSON.
vii. MARGARET ZIMMERLY, b. December 08, 1912; d. 1992; m. LORENZO BACA; b. August 17, 1904; d. 1979.
viii. RICHARD MAXIMILIANO ZIMMERLY, JR., b. February 08, 1915; d. December 05, 1975; m. YVONNE MAE SUGGS, September 22, 1942.
ix. CHRISTINE ZIMMERLY, b. November 01, 1916; m. ADAM ROBERT BOOTH.
x. AGNES ZIMMERLY, b. May 19, 1918; m. KEITH HODSON.
xi. EDWARD ZIMMERLY, b. December 26, 1919; d. April 11, 1944, near Pottsdam, Germany.

5. MARIA DOLORES3 ZIMMERLY (SAMUEL JAMES2, SANTIAGO1) was born March 03, 1881, and died September 18, 1947 in Socorro, NM. She married RICARDO ABEYTA 1902.

iii. LEONIDES ABEYTA, b. September 14, 1903; m. HARTMAN.
iv. JEFF ABEYTA, b. October 30, 1905.
v. ELOISA ABEYTA, b. February 06, 1907, Socorro, NM; d. February 04, 1999; m. (1) HENRY F. GONZALES; m. (2) COONEY SARRICINO, SR..
vi. ADELINA ABEYTA, b. March 23, 1908; m. PADILLA.
vii. ROSA ABEYTA, b. November 06, 1910.
viii. PETRITA ABEYTA, b. June 06, 1913; m. CASTILLO.
ix. RICHARD ABEYTA, b. January 13, 1916.
x. TOMASITA ABEYTA, b. June 30, 1919; m. BARELA.
xi. JOHNNY ABEYTA, b. October 28, 1923.

6. TERESA3 ZIMMERLY (SAMUEL JAMES2, SANTIAGO1) was born September 24, 1884, and died October 17, 1965 in Socorro General Hospital, Socorro, NM. She married JOSE ESTANISLADO DESIDERIO MIERA May 28, 1906 in Socorro, NM, son of MAURICIO MIERA and PLACIDA MONTOYA. He was born 1884 in San Antonio, NM.

i. ESTEVAN MAURICIO4 MIERA, b. October 03, 1907, San Antonio, NM; d. February 26, 1953; m. CARMEN BACA.
ii. ALICE HELEN MIERA, b. November 29, 1909, San Antonio, NM; m. GENE GILMORE.
iv. BERTHA ODILIA MIERA, b. October 18, 1916; m. (1) FRANK CHAVEZ; m. (2) BILLY EATON.

7. ESTEVAN DELUVINO3 ZIMMERLY (SAMUEL JAMES2, SANTIAGO1) was born October 03, 1887, and died September 20, 1936 in Socorro, NM. He married ALDEFINA TORRES April 14, 1908 in Socorro, NM, daughter of JOSE TORRES and MARIA PADILLA. She was born March 11, 1893, and died May 07, 1978.

i. MARIA PABLITA4 ZIMMERLY, b. December 10, 1909; m. SANTIAGO BACA; b. December 24, 1907, Luis Lopez, NM; d. 1961.
ii. GUADALUPE ZIMMERLY, b. March 11, 1912; m. (1) NESTOR TORRES; m. (2) FRANK BERNAL; m. (3) (?) LARA; m. (4) JOE ESTRADA.
iii. GERTUDE ZIMMERLY, b. February 18, 1914; m. (1) JUAN ARMIJO; m. (2) SAM CHAVEZ; m. (3) ARCHULETA.
iv. STEVE D. ZIMMERLY, b. April 07, 1917; d. September 13, 1953; m. SYLVESTRA CHAVEZ; b. May 10, 1918, Socorro, NM.
v. MARIA IDA ZIMMERLY, b. December 25, 1919; m. ERNEST MANNING.
vi. JOSE MAXIMILANO ZIMMERLY, b. March 17, 1922, San Antonio, NM; d. June 11, 1996; m. DIGNA SALDANA; b. May 15, 1925.
vii. ALBERT ZIMMERLY, b. December 01, 1923; m. MARY ARAGON.
viii. CECELIA ZIMMERLY, b. January 07, 1927; d. February 03, 2000.

26 April 2007

Abner Hanks - American Revolutionary War soldier

My wife's paternal grandmother was a woman by the name of Ethel Marie (Hanks) Douglas. According to "The Hanks Family of Viriginia and Westward", Ethel's great-grandfather was a man by the name of Abner Hanks, who was married to an Elizabeth Goodwin (she was one of his wives, as he apparently was married 6 times.) Today, I searched RootsWeb and found a genealogy for Abner Hanks on the McCord Family Online database. The author of the database quotes from a National Archives record indicating that Abner Hanks was a soldier drafted in the American army in April 1780. You may read a transcription of that document by going to the following link.


Barber, Adin,The Hanks Family of Virginia and Westward. (Kansas, Illinois: The Arthur H. Clark Co., 1965.)

21 April 2007

Ralph Douglas' World War I Draft Registration Card

Form 1 1395 REGISTRATION CARD No. 23

1. Name in full: Ralph Douglas Age: 26
2. Home Address: Hindsboro, Ill
3. Date of birth: may 18 1891
4. Are you (1) a natural-born citizen, (2) a naturalized citizen, (3) an alien, (4) or have you declared your intentions (specify which)? Natural
5. Where were you born? Hindsboro Ill U.S.A.
6. If not a citizen, of what country are you a citizen or subject? [Blank]
7. What is your present trade, occupation or office? Mechanic
8. By whom employed? Mossman & Moss (?)
Where employed? Hindsboro Ill
9. Have you a father, mother, wife, child under 12, or a sister or brother, solely dependant on you for support (specify which)? Wife
10. Married or single (which)? Married Race (specify which)? Caucasion
11. What military service have you had? Rank [Blank]; branch [Blank]; years: None; Nation or State [BLANK]
12. Do you claim exemption from draft (specify ground)? No

I affirm that I have verified above answers and that they are true.

Ralph Douglas
(signature or mark)

1. Tall, medium, or short (specify which)? Medium; Slender, medium, or stout? Medium
2. Color of eyes? Blue; Color of hair? D. Brown; Bald? No
3. Has person lost arm, hand, feet, or both eyes, or is he otherwise disabled (specify)? No

I certify that my answer are true, that the person registered has read his own answers, that I have witnessed his signature, and that all of his answers of which I have knowledge are true, except as follows: [Blank]

John P. R(illegible)

Precinct 1
City of County: Douglas
State: Ill Date of registration: 6-5-1917

Source: World War I Draft Registration Cards

Finding census records on

For some reason, I have a few free days on Therefore, I have been extracting census records on Nancy's Douglas, Dunn and Anderson families going back to 1830. In the next couple of days, I'll be searching more census records on Nancy's and my side of the family.

19 April 2007

Received record from 1872 Probate Journal - Bourguignon

Photo: Philip Bourguignon
A couple of years ago, I discovered an abstract in the New Mexico Genealogist about a suit from my 2nd great grandfather Felipe Bourguignon requesting for a separation from his wife Tomasita Gonzales de Bourguignon and guardianship of his six children Margarita, Felipe, Andrea, Eduardo, Maria de Jesus and Louis. The suit was made on 21 February 1872 in Socorro County.

This was intriguing because I had never heard that Felipe tried to separate from my 2nd great grandmother Tomasita. It is especially interesting since I know that they did not actually divorce at this time since they would later have another couple of children a decade later: my great grandmother Carolina (3 July 1882) and her brother Francisco (28 December 1884.) I wanted to know why they separated. The abstract did not give any details.

A few weeks ago I requested the actual document from the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives. According to the abstract the document could be found in the Probate Journal of Socorro County, New Mexico, Book M: Wills Testements and Inventories, pages 143-146. I received the document from the state archives today. There is only one problem: it is written in Spanish.

I understand a little Spanish, enough to understand that this is indeed the document I was looking for. However, I can't figure out the details. Therefore, the next step if for me to find someone to translate this. Once I get it translated, I will post the translation on this blog.


Greene, Priscilla Innerbilcher, abstractor, "Probate Journal 1870-1874, Socorro County, New Mexico, Book M: Wills, Testements and Inventories Part 2" in The New Mexico Genealogist, Volume 39, No.4 (December 2000) p. 187.

Personal tombstone research (for Carolina Bourguignon's birthdate.)

Archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Roll # 16994 (for Francisco Bourguignon's birtdate.)

18 April 2007

William T. Dunn Family 1910 Illinois Census

1910 United States Federal Census
State: Illinois, County: Montgomery, Township: Grisham, Sheet # 288A
House # 6; Dwelling # 6

Dunn, William T.; Head of household; male; white; 42 years old; Married for 14 years; Born in Kentucky; father and mother both born in Kentucky; speaks English; Profession: Minister in a church; Not out of work anytime during 1909; able to read and write English; Owns house, which is mortgaged.

_____, Annie L.; wife; Female; white; 41 years old; married for 14 years; number of children born 6; 6 children still alive; born in Kentucky; both father and mother born in Kentucky; speaks, reads and writes English.

_____, Alvira; daughter; Female; white; 13 years old; single; Born in Kentucky; father and mother both born in Kentucky; speaks, reads and writes English; attended school any time since September 1, 1909.

_____, Susie; daughter; female; white; 11 years old; single; Born in Kentucky; father and mother both born in Kentucky; speaks, reads and writes English; attended school any time since September 1, 1909.

_____, Carroll; son; male; white; 9 years old; single; Born in Kentucky; father and mother both born in Kentucky; speaks, reads and writes English; attended school any time since September 1, 1909.

_____, Merrill; son; male; white; 6 years old; single; Born in Kentucky; father and mother both born in Kentucky; speaks, reads and writes English; attended school any time since September 1, 1909.

_____, Walden; son; male; white; 4 years old; single; Born in Kentucky; father and mother both born in Kentucky.

_____, Estil; son; male; white; 2 years old; single; Born in Illinois; father and mother both born in Kentucky.

Extracted from on 17 April 2007.

The record indicates that Walden was born in Kentucky four years prior to the census; while Estil was born in Illinois 2 years prior. Therefore, we can assume that the family moved to Illinois between 1906 and 1908.

Searching for more information about the Dunn family

On Tuesday, I snuck to the Albuquerque Genealogy Library between my student teaching job and the 4PM UNM class that I am attending. I say I snuck there because I probably should have been doing something more constructive during that time, but many of you may know how addicting genealogy can be. Anyhow, I was being alturistic - I'm doing this for my wife (if I keep saying that, I'll actually believe that I'm doing it for noble reasons and not just because I'm a gene nut.)

Anyhow, I found a 1910 Census record for William T. and Anna Dunn, which includes Nancy's maternal grandfather Carroll Livingston Dunn. I'll post that record later.

Today, I pulled up Carroll Dunn's social security record on the FamilySearch US Social Security Index. This is what I found:

Carroll DUNN
Birth Date: 5 Oct 1900
Death Date: Sep 1980
Social Security Number: ***-**-****
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Illinois

Death Residencies Localities
Zip Code: 61949
Localities: Redmond, Edgar, Illinois

Death Benefit Localities
Zip Code: 61944
Localities: Paris, Edgar, Illinois

The information that was given to me by Nancy's aunt Joyce Seitz indicated that Carroll Livington Dunn was born in No Creek, Kentucky on 10 May 1900 instead of 5 Oct 1900. The Beeler database also shows his birthday as 5 Oct 1900. Since there are differences between records, I am going to have verify this information by finding his actual birth record. I will probably have to request a copy of the record from Ohio County, Kentucky.

16 April 2007

Jackson and Sara Dunn - 1850 Census

1850 United States Census
Trigg County, Kentucky: District Two

Family 155

(Surname, Given Name, Age, (occupation), state of birth)

Dunn, Jackson L., 40, blacksmith, Tennessee
Dunn, Sarah, 39, Kentucky
Dunn, Hester, 19, Kentucky
Dunn, Rebecca, 15, Kentucky
Dunn, Wesley, 14, Kentucky
Dunn, Martha, 13, Kentucky
Dunn, James, 11, Kentucky
Dunn, Leander J., 9, Kentucky
Dunn, John, 7, Kentucky
Dunn, Geo L, 5, Kentucky
Dunn, Jonah, 1, Kentucky

Other Dunns in the same census who are from Tennessee:

All are from District Two of Trigg County, Kentucky

Family 100

Dunn, Josiah, 25, Tennessee
Dunn, Elizabeth J, 23, Kentucky
Dunn, Sarah J, 1, Kentucky

Family 242

Dunn, William, 38, farmer, Tennessee
Dunn, Margaret, 32, Kentucky
Dunn, David A, 7, Kentucky
Dunn, Levi I, 6, Kentucky
Dunn, Martha A, 4, Kentucky
Dunn, Rebecca J, 2, Kentucky
Dunn, Wm. K, 7/12, Kentucky
Cross, James, 18, Tenessee

Family 293

Dunn, John, 27, farmer, Tenessee
Dunn, Sarah A, 34, North Carolina
Dunn, Johnathan R, 10, Kentucky
Dunn, Frances A., 7, Kentucky
Dunn, John J, 4, Kentucky
Dunn, Mary C, 2, Kentucky
Dunn, Benjamin A, 11/12, Kentucky

Source: transcription: 1850 CENSUS OF TRIGG COUNTY KENTUCKY

Jackson Dunn of Stewart County, Tennessee

One of Nancy's supposed 3rd Great Grandfathers is a man by the name of Jackson Dunn. He apparently was born in 1810 in Stewart, TN and married a woman by the name of Sara E. Stoneham who was from Kentucky.

In order to do a proper genealogy, it's best to understand where these people were from. According to the Stewart County, Tennessee Genealogy website, Stewart County is bordered to the north by Trigg County, Kentucky. According to the Brazzell, Shipman, McKinley Family Tree, both Jackson Dunn and Sara E. Stoneham lived their final years and died in Trigg County, KY.

Click on Here to read a Stewart County timeline.

1820 Census

The 1820 United States Census shows only the names of the heads of families, and not every individual person living in the households. Instead, it lists the number of males and females within certain date ranges that live in the household. As such, it is nearly impossible to figure out who lived in which home.

If Jackson Dunn was born in Stewart County, Tennessee in 1810, it may be assumed that his family may have still been living there in 1820. There are five Dunn families living in the county at that time that have boys around Jackson's age:

Josiah Dunn: 2 males ages 0-10
John Dunn: 2 males ages 10-16
Benjamin Dunn: 1 male age 0-10
Thomas Dunn: 3 males age 0-10; 1 male age 10-16
Thomas Dunn, Jr.: 1 male age 0-10

Source: Transcription: Stewart County 1820 Census

Nancy's Family in Kentucky, Georgia, and Virginia

I've added a few more links to The Baca/Douglas Genealogy and Family History Blog. My wife's family tree goes back to Kentucky and appears to go back into Virginia and Georgia, too. Therefore I've included USGenWeb Project sites for Kentucky, Virginia and Georgia.

In case I didn't mention before, I consider the USGenWeb Project and Rootsweb to be the best free genealogy sites on the web.

Searching for Nancy's Dunn and Anderson ancestors


This is the first installment of my Research Blog. This is a blog within a blog which you may access independently by clicking on the Robert's Research Blog link on the right hand side of the Baca Douglas Genealogy and Family History Blog.

Recently, Nancy asked me to do a little more research on her family history. Specifically, she was interested in her Dunn and Anderson ancestors. Nancy's maternal grandfather's parents were William Thomas Dunn and Annie Livingston Anderson. According to Nancy, William first married Annie's sister and then married Annie. He then married another woman after divorcing Annie.

I already knew that William and Annie's son Carroll Livingston Dunn (Nancy's grandfather) was born in 1900 in No Creek, Kentucky. (The family joke is that the town was so poor that it didn't even have a creek in it!) I discovered that No Creek was in Ohio County, Kentucky; therefore on Saturday, I began searching 1900 and 1910 census records for that county. The search was a bust. I didn't find anything.

On Sunday, I searched Rootsweb and found the two of databases below: "Brazzell, Shipman, McKinley Family Tree" and "Beeler, Anderson," Both show William Thomas Dunn's marriage to Annie Livingston Anderson, and include their children. the "Beeler" database also includes Dunn's first marriage to Annie's sister Florence Clementine and an ancestry for the Anderson sisters going back 6 generations. The "Brazzel" database shows William Thomas' ancestry going back three generations. The source for the "Beeler" information comes from Nancy's uncle Tom Dunn, while no source is mentioned for the "Brazzel" information.

Although I now have a wealth of information on Nancy's family, I am always cautious about using information from the web. I like to build my genealogies from primary sources or reputible secondary sources. Since anyone can post on the web, I do not to take the information I find there as gospel truth. However, this information is still useful. I now have dates, places and names that I can verify. I also know where I can find this family's census records: the 1900 Ohio County, Kentucky; the 1910 Montgomery County, Illinois and the 1920 Coles County, Illinois censuses.

I hope to do another search of census records this coming Saturday. I'll post on my blog what I've found.

Databases and websites that contain the Dunn/Anderson Genealogies

Ancestors of Leslie (Henderson) Hastings

Bazzell, Shipman, McKinley Family Tree

Beeler, Anderson, et al

Volunteer to help FamilySearch Index their records

On the website I discovered that the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints (the Morman Church) is asking for volunteers to index their records. As you may know, the Morman Church has the most extensive genealogy libraries in the world.

I often use their FamilySearch website to search for records. Currently, they are indexing 1900 United States census and other records. I decided to help them by going to their FamilySearch Indexing project page. So far I've helped index 200 names. My goal is to index about 1,000 name per quarter, or about 4,000 a year.

You can help help, too. For more information, visit the page "Try Your Hand at FamilySearch Indexing".