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19 April 2007

Received record from 1872 Probate Journal - Bourguignon

Photo: Philip Bourguignon
A couple of years ago, I discovered an abstract in the New Mexico Genealogist about a suit from my 2nd great grandfather Felipe Bourguignon requesting for a separation from his wife Tomasita Gonzales de Bourguignon and guardianship of his six children Margarita, Felipe, Andrea, Eduardo, Maria de Jesus and Louis. The suit was made on 21 February 1872 in Socorro County.

This was intriguing because I had never heard that Felipe tried to separate from my 2nd great grandmother Tomasita. It is especially interesting since I know that they did not actually divorce at this time since they would later have another couple of children a decade later: my great grandmother Carolina (3 July 1882) and her brother Francisco (28 December 1884.) I wanted to know why they separated. The abstract did not give any details.

A few weeks ago I requested the actual document from the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives. According to the abstract the document could be found in the Probate Journal of Socorro County, New Mexico, Book M: Wills Testements and Inventories, pages 143-146. I received the document from the state archives today. There is only one problem: it is written in Spanish.

I understand a little Spanish, enough to understand that this is indeed the document I was looking for. However, I can't figure out the details. Therefore, the next step if for me to find someone to translate this. Once I get it translated, I will post the translation on this blog.


Greene, Priscilla Innerbilcher, abstractor, "Probate Journal 1870-1874, Socorro County, New Mexico, Book M: Wills, Testements and Inventories Part 2" in The New Mexico Genealogist, Volume 39, No.4 (December 2000) p. 187.

Personal tombstone research (for Carolina Bourguignon's birthdate.)

Archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Roll # 16994 (for Francisco Bourguignon's birtdate.)

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