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18 April 2007

Searching for more information about the Dunn family

On Tuesday, I snuck to the Albuquerque Genealogy Library between my student teaching job and the 4PM UNM class that I am attending. I say I snuck there because I probably should have been doing something more constructive during that time, but many of you may know how addicting genealogy can be. Anyhow, I was being alturistic - I'm doing this for my wife (if I keep saying that, I'll actually believe that I'm doing it for noble reasons and not just because I'm a gene nut.)

Anyhow, I found a 1910 Census record for William T. and Anna Dunn, which includes Nancy's maternal grandfather Carroll Livingston Dunn. I'll post that record later.

Today, I pulled up Carroll Dunn's social security record on the FamilySearch US Social Security Index. This is what I found:

Carroll DUNN
Birth Date: 5 Oct 1900
Death Date: Sep 1980
Social Security Number: ***-**-****
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Illinois

Death Residencies Localities
Zip Code: 61949
Localities: Redmond, Edgar, Illinois

Death Benefit Localities
Zip Code: 61944
Localities: Paris, Edgar, Illinois

The information that was given to me by Nancy's aunt Joyce Seitz indicated that Carroll Livington Dunn was born in No Creek, Kentucky on 10 May 1900 instead of 5 Oct 1900. The Beeler database also shows his birthday as 5 Oct 1900. Since there are differences between records, I am going to have verify this information by finding his actual birth record. I will probably have to request a copy of the record from Ohio County, Kentucky.

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