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06 October 2007

Samuel T. Zimmerly's World War I Draft Card

Below is a copy of Samuel T. Zimmerly's World War I draft card. Samuel T. Zimmerly was the son of Juan Jose Zimmerly and Isabel Torres. Samuel was married to Juanita Torres, the daughter of Candelario Torres and Gregoria Orinez.

The draft card display's the following information about Samuel Zimmerly:

* He was born on 21 January 1889 in Socorro, New Mexico, USA
* He was a natural born citizen
* He was a self-employed farmer
* His dependants included his wife, child and brother
* He believed that he should be exempted from the draft because of his dependants
* He was of medium height, slender build, had brown eyes and hair, was not balding, and was missing any appendages
* He signed his card

Click on the image below to get a larger view:

I retrieved this document on 23 April 2007 from

See also Ricardo Zimmerly's and Estevan Zimmerly's draft cards.

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