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06 October 2007

Five Generation Photo

This is a photo of five generations of my family. Sitting left to right are my grandmother Paublita (Zimmerly) Baca, my great-grandmother Delfina (Torres) Zimmerly, and my mother Frances (Baca) Baca. Sitting on the floor is my sister Janis (Baca) Schwartzenberg. The baby sitting on my great-grandmother's lap is Janis' son Shawn Schwartzenberg. Based on the age of my nephew in this photo, it was taken around late 1977 or early 1978. My great-grandmother Delfina died soon after this photo was taken at the age of 85 on 7 May 1978. My grandmother and mother are also deceased.

Delfina (Torres) Zimmerly

mother of

Paublita (Zimmerly) Baca

mother of

Frances (Baca) Baca

mother of

Janis (Baca) Schwartzenberg

mother of

Shawn Schwartzenberg

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