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06 October 2007

How to Navigate This Blog

Maybe you're not familiar with how a blog works, or maybe my blog is a little different from other blogs that you are used to. In any case you are confused. This guide will help you navigate my blog.

What the heck is a "blog"?

The word "blog" is short for "web log". Blogs are basically Internet journals or diaries. As with paper journals, entries are posted in chronological order. Usually the most recent entries show up on the top, while earlier entries are displayed lower down on the screen. Most blogs only show a certain amount of entries at a time. For instance, my blog will only display the seven (7) most recent entries.

So where did all those other entries go?

Although blogs often only display limited amount of entries, it does not mean that these entries have disappeared from the site. They are still there; they are just hidden. One way to access these entries is to find the blog archive.

The "Blog Archive" on this site is on the right margin, about a quarter to a half way down the screen. Notice that that dates and titles are displayed. This archive automatically displays only the entry titles of the most recent posting month. To access titles for other months, click on the month desired. The archives also only shows the months of the current year. To access months for previous years, click on the year desired. Once you have found the specific entry that you are looking for, click on the title to access that article.

There are two other ways of finding articles on this site: searching by category and using the search engine.

Below the "Blog Archive" is the heading "Categories in this Blog". These are labels that I've set up to make it simpiler to find specific content in this blog. For instance, if you wish to find out about my family click on "Robert's Family". If you wish to find out about my wife's family, click on "Nancy's Family". You can also find "Census Records", "Death Certificates" and many other types of articles on this site.

This site also has a search engine. On the top of the page, you can find a blank box with the words "search blog" next to it. Much like "Google" and other search engines, all you have to do is put the desired term or terms that you wish to search for in the box and click on "search blog." For instance, if you put in the word "Zimmerly" and click you will get the search results that are displayed on this link.

What is all that other stuff on the right margin?

On the blog's right margin, there are a number of links to other sites. I have chosen sites that I feel complement this blog. They include "Genealogy Sites" that you may use to do your own research, "New Mexico Genealogy" and "Other States' Genealogy" are sites more specific to those states, and "Family Websites" are sites created by people who have family links to either Nancy or me. I also have links to "My (other) Genealogy Websites".

The right margain also has links to special "mini-blogs" such my memorial to my grandmother Paublita and the "Torres Family Reunion". Lastly there are advertisements on the margain, including one for my own "Genealogy Bookstore".

Other things you should to know about

* As you can see, there are many photos on my blog. You can get larger views of those photos by clicking them.

* There are many links within the text of the articles. Words that are in different colors from the rest of the text are usually links. Click them on to access the link.

* You may post your own comments to my blog! On the bottom of each article, click on the word "comments." A form will pop out. Complete the form to post your comment. Since I moderate the comments, they will not be posted immediately on the blog. However, as long as it is appropriate I'll post it within a couple of days. I'll even post criticism!

* You may E-mail articles to friends and family. Click on the little envelope on the bottom of the article.

* You may subscribe to my site! Click on the "RSS Feed" on the top of the right margain, pick a web-based feed reader, and enjoy!

Thank you for having a interest in my blog. I hope that you enjoy it. If you have any questions or comments please send me an E-mail. Or post on this blog!


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