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07 February 2010

The Torres Family NM Genealogy and History Blog

My cousin Maurine Pool of California created a new blog called the Torres Family NM Genealogy and History Blog. The first posting on her blog are about Crespin and Andrieta Torres' families that come directly from my own blog. Yesterday, she posted a good article about her own family titled Jose and Josie Torres.

If you follow my blog, and you are interested in this New Mexico Torres family that now hails from California, you may wish to follow her blog, too. Much of the information that I used for my own genealogy of the Torres family comes from her research that she began a couple of decades ago. Her posts should be interesting.


February 9, 2010 - Correction! - Apparentely this blog was not created by my cousin Maurine, but rather my cousin Nash Torres. Maurine is just a contributor to the blog.

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