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21 February 2010

For those of us who can't wait....

I hate to wait. For years now, I've been wanting to get a pre-printed 9 generation pedigree chart of my ancestors. But I don't want to wait for a copy to mailed to me.* Well, I found a way to get a chart printed and ready for pick up that takes only a matter of a couple of hours.

Misbach Enterprises sells Custom 9 Generation Wall Charts. This includes fan and standard pedigree charts. The cost of the chart is $9.99, with additional charge for printing.

What you first need to do is create a GEDCOM file for your ancestors. You should be able to do this with any standard genealogy program. The site suggests that you create one that includes only those people that you wish to have on the chart. If you don't know how to do this, read the instruction book that comes with your program.

Once you have created the GEDCOM file, upload it to their site. Follow their simple directions. Once you've completed the process, the company will e-mail you a PDF file of your chart. It is now ready for printing. Since it is a non-standard size (21.5" X 24.5"), you will probably have to have it printed at a print shop. I sent my chart to Kinkos, which cost $3.00 plus tax.

For only just a little over $13, I was able to print a copy of my 9 generation pedigree chart. If I want additional copies, I can make them without ordering another chart. All I had to do was save the PDF file, and now all I have to pay is $3.00 per copy to print.

For more information about this other products offered by this company, click on this link.

* I know it doesn't make sense. If I ordered the pedigree chart years ago I would have received it years ago. I blame the fact that I'm a product of our instant gratification age.

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