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27 February 2010

Dolores Torres and her brother Jose Epitacio Torres

I've come across a problem in my genealogy. Below is what I've posted on various messages boards on the web:

I am looking for more information about my supposed 3rd great-aunt Maria Dolores Torres.

According to one source - "Bautismos San Miguel del Socorro", p. 68 - Maria Dolores Torres was born on 16 March 1858 to Valentin Torres and Josefa Ortiz. The problem with this is that my second great-grandfather Jose Epitacio Torres was supposedly born on 23 May 1858 to the same parents - an impossibility. ("Bautismos San Miguel del Socorro", p. 71.)

I've been looking at census records, and the 1860 US Census of Socorro, New Mexico shows Dolores and a "Jose" in the household of Valentin and Josefa Torres. Dolores is shown to be 5 years old, while Jose - possibly Jose Epitacio - is 3 years old. Assuming this is the same family, that would mean that Dolores was born circa 1855, while Jose Epitacio was born circa 1857, which are more reasonable dates. See my blog at to view an image of this census record.

On 21 August 1873, Maria Dolores Torres, single, of Socorro, the daughter of Valentin and Josefa Ortiz, married Manuel Gallegos, single, of Socorro, son of Manuel and Maria Quiteria Garcia. ("Matrimonios San Miguel del Socorro, Our Lady of Sorrows de La Joya, San Marcial y San Ignacio y San Cristobal", p. 108.)

Since I do not at this moment have access to, I've the 1880 census transcription on USGenWeb . It shows on page 128A of Socorro Precinct #1, Socorro County, New Mexico, dwelling # 174, family # 207, a Manuel Gallegos y Garcia, aged 29, and his wife Maria Dolores Gallegos y Garcia, aged 23. This is most likely the same couple I mentioned above, since Manuel's mother's maiden name was Garcia. If we go by this transcription, Dolores was born circa 1857.

The 1880 Census also shows Jose Epitacio in the household of his parents Valentin and Josefa Torres, and his age as 22 years old, which would have his birthdate circa 1858. The image of this census record can once again be found on my blog

There are two questions that need to be answered:

1. Were Dolores and Epitacio actually born years apart rather than 2 months apart?

2. If Epitacio was born only two months from his sister, then it is obvious that at least one of them is not actually the child of Valentin and Josefa Torres. Most likely, it would be Epitacio who would be the one who was not there child. Then who were his parents?

Obviously, a better review of the documents are needed. I will have to look at images of the actual baptismal records and census records to better decipher the information. There may also be other information out there that I have not found. If anyone has any information or suggestions, please post to this thread.

More information about Jose Epitacio Torres can be found on the following pages:

* Valentin and Jose Epitacio Torres Household Census records

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* Transcription of 1880 US Census, Socorro County, New Mexico

I also found this family tree on GenCircles: Jose Valentin Torres family.

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