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06 September 2009

Two Obituaries from Socorro, New Mexico

Below are two obituaries that I found on the Albuquerque Special Collection Library's genealogy computer databases. Although they are both from Socorro, they were actually listed in the Albuquerque Journal newspapers.

The first obituary is for my great-grandmother Adelfina (Torres) Zimmerly. She was born on 30 October 1887 and died on 7 May 1978 at 85 years old. This obituary was printed in the Death and Funerals section of the Albuquerque Journal, 9 May 1978. Click on the image below to view it full sized:

Adelfina, or Delfina as she was often known, was my maternal grandmother Maria Pablita (Zimmerly) Baca's mother. Ben F. Zimmerly, who died a year and half later on 6 December 1979, was my grandmother Pablita's cousin. Another source shows that his full name was Benjamin Franklin Zimmerly. This obituary was published on 7 December 1979 in the Albuquerque Journal "Death and Funerals" section. Click on the image below to view it full sized.

If you are ever in Albuquerque, I suggest that you visit the Special Collections Library at 423 Central Ave NE, on the corner of Central and Edith Blvd. They have a computer database that contains not only obituaries, but also other documents, indexes, journals and complete books. However, it can only be accessed from the library itself, and is not online.
For more about my great-granmother Adelfina (Torres) Zimmerly, visit these links:

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