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30 September 2009

Selected 1952 Socorro High School Yearbook Photos

Recently, I went to pick up some items from my sister Janis' house, (she was killed in a car accident last December) and I found two Socorro High School yearbooks. One yearbook was from 1925, and other from 1952.

The 1925 yearbook includes class photos of both of my grandfathers. The 1952 yearbook has a photo of my mother.

I scanned the page that included my mother's photo. Unfortunately, the photos on the bottom of the page came out a little warped. I didn't want to scan too much so that I would not damage the yearbook. I did not even try to scan the 1925 yearbook due to how delicate it is. I hope to get them scanned professionally soon.

My mother, Frances R. Baca. Junior year photo, 1952

1st page of Junior class photos, surnames Atencio through Gonzales
Students listed on the page: Sammy Atencio, Betty Baca, Frances Baca, Frank Baca, Mamie Baca, Fidelia Baldonado, Garnett Burks, Reyna Carillo, Cora Chavez, Jimmie Chavez, Richard Chavez, Betty Jane Clark, Netta Lou Clegg, Pauline Collins, Rosie Cordova, George Emilio, Jennie Gallegos, Jon Gilmore, Evelyn Gozales, and Josie Gonzales.

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