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06 September 2009

Desolate Outpost: Fort Craig, New Mexico

Seaching for information about Fort Craig, I found this link from 30 August 1998 Albuquerque Journal article titled "Desolate Outpost".

Fort Craig was a military fort 35 south of Socorro, New Mexico. Not much remains of the post, just a few crumbling adobe buildings. However, the history of the fort is fascinating. Please read the article.

I've also found these two links that are interesting:

* Images of Old Fort Craig and Valverde, New Mexico

* Fort Craig, New Mexico

* Fort Craig National Historic Site

* Graverobbers desecrate and loot Ft. Craig, N.M., cemetery

* Government Secretly Exhumes Bodies at Historic Cemetery After Grave Looting Tip

* Old West Mystery, Solved in D.C.


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Great info on Fort Craig, thanks for sharing.

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Nice post & nice blog. I love both.