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31 May 2009

Met another cousin - Montoya family

I was researching at the Albuquerque Special Collections Library yesterday, when I bumped into a distant cousin of mine who I had not met before. She happened to be talking about her uncle Casey Luna, the former New Mexico Lieutenant Governor and car dealership owner. I mentioned that I was related to him also, and in comparing our genealogies we discovered that we are long-lost 3rd cousins.

My third cousin and I are related to each other through our 2nd great-grandparents Jose Casmiro Montoya and Manuela Abeyta. Casmiro and Manuela were married on 8 January 1875 in the San Miguel Mission in Socorro, New Mexico. They had at least four children: Sofia, Amadeo, Jose Liberado and Andrea. My cousin is descended from Sofia Montoya who married Amadeo Luna. I am descended from Andrea Montoya who married Ignacio Torres.

I've sent my cousin an e-mail with certain genealogical charts, photos and other information. I'm hoping that she sends me information back since I know little about this family.

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Craspin and Andreita Trujillo Torres family tree Socorro New Mexico said...

Robert, what is the name of this new found relative. I would like to send her an invitation to our family re-union.
Tu Primo Nash Torres