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28 May 2009

Articles found in the El Defensor Chieftain

I was a little bored, so I decided to search through Socorro's local newspaper El Defensor Chieftain for articles relating to New mexico history and genealogy. This is what I found:

* "1940 Socorro - The Business District" by Paul Harden. The is a description of many of the businesses in the area. Howevever, I noticed at least one mistake. It mentions that the Baca Haberdashery was owned by Robert Baca, assumedly my paternal grandfather. Actually, the Haberdashery was owned by my maternal grandfather Santiago Baca.

* "Socorro goes to the movies" by Paul Harden. A history of the Socorro movie theaters.

* "San Antonio School celebrates 80 years:A look at Socorro County rural schools" by Paul Harden

* "Mission Churches" Part I and Part II by Paul Harden. A history of Socorro area churches.

* "The Biggest Killer in the Southwest: Smallpox" by Paul Harden.

* "Character (and characters) have been part of Socorro's mystery and charm" by Valarie Kimble

* "Poet chronicled state history" by Marc Simmons. An article about Captain Gaspar Pérez de Villagrá's epic poem.

* "New Mexico family name boasts a glorious history" by Marc Simmons.

* "History travels the El Camino Real" by Marc Simmons

* "Miera and Pacheco was indeed a versitile fellow" by Marc Simmons

* "Rebel artillery fought hard in New Mexico battle" by Marc Simmons

* "Horses for Spanish soldiers" by Marc Simmons

... and many more. Want to search for other articles? Go to the El Defensor Chieftain website.

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cybergata said...

Robert, Thanks for pointing out these wonderful articles by my favorite New Mexican Historian.

Summer break is my time to catch up with my Net reading.