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31 May 2009

Descendants of Callentano and Maria Ines (Candelaria) Abeyta

Callentano Abeyta and Maria Ines Candelaria are my 4th great-grandparents. Their son Jose Albino Abeyta, and his wife Maria Miguela Sanchez were the parents of Manuela Abeyta who married Jose Casmiro Montoya (see my previous post.)

Today I decided to try to find a few more descendants of Callentano and Ines (Candelaria) Abeyta. I was successful in finding one more generation through their daughter Maria Encarnacion Abeyta who married Jose Tomas Gallegos. You can find the PDF file showing a descendant register report at this link.

In addition to baptismal records, I also found two United States Census records that show Jose Tomas Gallego(s) and his family in Paraje de Fra Cristobal, a stop-over point (or more likely a village during that time) about 35 miles south of Socorro.

The 1860 Census is in two parts here and here; while the 1870 Census is here.


Tomas Gallego family, 1860 New Mexico Census, Socorro County, Post office: Fra Cristobal, pp. 44-45, dwelling # 445, family # 400, HeritageQuestonline, <>, accessed 31 May 2009.

Tomas Gallego family, 1870 U. S. census, population schedule schedule, Socorro, New Mexico, Post Office: Socorro, p. 5, dwelling # 45, family # 44, accessed 31 May 2009.; digital image, HeritageQuest (

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Tom Davis said...

Hello, my name is Tom Davis. I live in Albuquerque and have been researching my wife's father ancestory. I have a Lucas Gallegos, born 1840's, lived in San Patricio and Lincoln in 1870's (listed in several Lincoln County War/ Billy the Kid books. The "Gallegos House" an historical house in the town of Lincoln was Lucas son David's house. From this point to date, I can tie Lucas and his wife Francisca (Garcia, cousin of the wife of Albert Fountain) as my wife's GG grandparents. I also have the full line of Tomas Gallegos (husband of Maria E. Abeyta) back to Sebastian Gallego, 1700's, Albuquerque. I am almost certain the Lucas Gallego I mentioned above, is the son of Tomas and Maria. Just no absolute proof. Its my opinon, that a Lucas Gallego, Civil War Vet, Fort Craig, served in Kit Carson's regiment, where he first visted the Lincoln County/ Fort Stanton area. I believe that following the Civil War, Lucas ended up in San Patricio, married to Francisca Garcia. I also believe his older Brother, Jose Ylario, lived for a brief time in San Patricio, but then returned to Soccoro area). I just have not been sucessful with validating 100%, my wife's GG grandfather Lucas is the one and same Lucas, son of Tomas Gallego and Maria Abeyta.

Great job! Thanks

Tom Davis