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05 May 2009

Photos of my father's Baca Family, 1950

Below is a photo sent to me by my cousin Ed Baca:

This is a picture of Juan and Carolina (Bourguignon)Baca with their children, at their 50th Anniversary, April 1950.

Kneeling L to R: Martin B. Baca, Philip B. Baca
Standing L to R: Robert B. Baca, Priscilla B. Baca, Lorenzo B. Baca, Juan Baca y Luna, Carolina Bourguignon Baca

Juan and Carolina Baca were my paternal grandfather's parents. Robert B. Baca was my grandfather.

I have a similiar photo that shows Juan and Carolina alone. This was given to me by my aunt Theresa.

Based on the clothing and the background, it seems to have been taken at the same time.


Monty said...

Hi Robert,
I continue to enjoy your updates and all of the good work that you do.

Thanks so much for sharing these pictures of the family. This is the first picture I have seen of my great Aunt Carolina Bourguignon. As far as I know, our family has no pictures my great Grandmother, Margarita Bourguignon.

Carl Montoya
Moorestown, NJ

P.S. With regard to your upcoming class on Internet research, can you send me your notes? Would love to know your favorite websites and useful features that you use.

Greta Koehl said...

Don't you whether you are into "blog awards" or not, but in addition to enjoying the articles on your blog I really love the visuals, so you have been nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award (