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07 March 2009

Zimmerly Family Folder at Albuquerque Special Collections Library

Back in July of last year, I did a presentation on the Zimmerly Family of Socorro, New Mexico. After the presentation, I gave the Albuquerque Special Collections Library copies of certain documents that I used in the presentation. Today I was at the library, and I noticed that the documents were finally put in a folder and placed in the surname filing cabinet on the floor. These records can now be accessed by anyone who chooses to look at them.

The documents in the folder include:

* Civil War pension and military records of Samuel Zimmerly
* Samuel Zimmerly's obituary
* Church marriage records of all 6 children of Samuel and Paubla (Torres) Zimmerly
* A couple of genealogy charts
* A Zimmerly family history that was pubilshed in the El Defensor Chieftain in the 1960s

You can find the family surname filing cabinet to the left of the front door as you walk in. If you have any questions, ask the librarian for help.

Please do not take the documents from the library. They are meant for researchers to use again and again. Instead, you may make copies of them. The copiers make copies at 15 cents per page. There is a change machine next to the copiers.

If you want to know the library's hours of operation, or if need any other information about the library, check out this link.

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