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24 March 2009

Photos of Estevan Zimmerly

My aunt Judy sent me these photos of my great-grandfather Estevan (Steve) Zimmerly.

Aunt Judy believes that the first photo was taken at my great-grandparent's house on Mt.Carmel. I know this house - I've been in their many times. My great-grandmother Delfina lived there until she died in 1978.

The photo says "Steve Zimmerly, Ida's father". That is in reference to my great-aunt Ida (Zimmerly) Manning, my grandmother's sister. Aunt Judy borrowed this photo from her cousin Elaine, Ida's daughter.

The second photo may have been taken outside that same house. The woman standing behind my great-grandfather is most likely my grandmother, his daughter, Pablita (Zimmerly) Baca. It sure looks like her. Aunt Judy believes that the child on Estevan's lap is my uncle Jimmy, but we are not sure. I'm not sure who the girl to his right is.

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