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26 March 2009

Searching for Estevan Zimmerly in Albuquerque, 1920

Yesterday, I posted a census record that showed Estevan Zimmerly and his family in Albuquerque in 1920. (Link) Today, I went to the Albuquerque Special Collections Library to see if I could confirm this information.

I checked the Albuquerque City Directories for Estevan Zimmerly and Vicente Pino (his housemate). I thought that the census record had them living at 901 1/2 South Second St. Well, the 1920 directory showed V C Pino as living at 901 1/2 South Third St. (1) Estevan Zimmerly was not in the directory. He was not listed in the 1919 directory, either.

I mentioned that in the census record, Vicente Pino is listed as a merchant. The directory confirmed that there was a business at 901 S. Third St.: City Grocery Co. (2) A cross reference in the same directory shows Vicente Pino as the property owner of City Meat Market & Grocery at 705 Granite. Additionally, both Vicente C. Pino and Manuel A Pino are associated with City Grocery Co. Manuel A. Pino was living at 620 N. 6th St. at the time. (3)

I could not find a 1921 directory in the library. The 1922 directory no longer showed Vicente Pino living at the Third St. location, nor was there a listing for the grocery.

It would be interesting to find out more information about these Pino men. They are probably related, maybe brothers. In my family tree database, I have a listing of a Vicente Pino from the Socorro area, but he appears to have died before 1911. The Socorro Vicente Pino also had a father and son by the name of Manuel Pino. Are the Albuquerque people related to these Socorro people? Did Estevan Zimmerly know them before moving up to Albuquerque? It would be interesting to find out.

1. 1920 Albuquerque City Directory (Hudspeth Directory Co., 1920) p. 174.

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