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05 February 2009

And the envelope please....

The 66th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is the iGene Awards from the Academy of Genealogy and Family History. My nominations from my own blog are:

Best Picture - A photograph of my parents as young adults, in "Wordless Wednesday: Mom and Dad". It's a great picture that I had not seen until a few years ago.

Best Screenplay - "Haberdashery Dreams" - They were a small town family with big dreams. They built their store with love, and a little bit of money. Before long, they owned a whole shopping center. But would their dreams continue to be fulfilled with stacking bills and a growing family ? Starring Henry Fonda as Santiago Baca and Katharine Hepburn as Paublia (Zimmerly) Baca. Based on the blog post "Baca Haberdashery and Shopping Center".

Best Documentary - "The Wedded Zimmerlys". Documentarian Robert Baca has sifted through miles of microfilm to find the documentary proof that , yes, the Zimmerly siblings did indeed marry. He presents his findings in the post "Marriage Records for the Zimmerly Family".

Best Biography - This 19th Century man lived into the early years of the 20th century. What did he do and see? Documentary evidence allows us to see a little bit about his life, as we read in "Using Census Records to Tell A Story: Casmiro Montoya's Family."

Best Comedy - Yes, I can't spell "renaissance" without a spell check (or by using cut and paste, as I did with this post.) Find out more amusing things about me in "8 Things About Me That I Bet You Didn't Know - the Meme".

I don't know if I will win (if there is actually a winner - I don't know exactly how this works.) But if I do win, then I'll know that you all like me, you really, really like me!


Sheri said...

Very clever Mr. Baca! I hadn't thought of presenting it the wway you did. Might have to "borrow" the idea from you (with full credit given to you of course)

I enjoy reading your blog. By the way, were you able to help those 2 guys I sent to you?

Robert Baca said...


Go ahead and borrow whatever you need.

I think I might have directed those 2 guys to the right place. I get a lot of requests, so I don't remember exactly who you sent me. But I at least try to find someone to help them if I can't myself.