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01 February 2009

Received Torres Family Charts in the Mail

I received an envelope in the mail on Saturday. It was sent to me in December, but I had to pick it up at the Special Collections Library since it was sent to the New Mexico Genealogical Society. One of our committee members thought that it was meant for publication, but then realized that it was sent personally to me.

One of my distant cousins on the Crespin and Andreita Torres side of my family sent me two outline descendant charts. The first was for the descendants of Jose Torres (married to Josefa Armijo) and the other for the descendants of Domatila Torres (married to Pedro Ignacio Moises Sanches de Inigo.) Both Jose and Domatila were siblings of my great-grandfather Ignacio Torres.

I'm always amazed as to how many descendants a person can have within just a few generations. These charts represent 6 generations of family, and total 9 pages. That doesn't even include the descendants of Crespin and Andreita's 6 other children or persons that may not be known to the author of these charts.


Thanks to Julia B. who sent me the charts.

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