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01 September 2008

Devestating Earthquake Hits Socorro! ... In 1906

On 19 July 1906, the New York Times ran an article about an earthquake that hit Socorro, New Mexico. The report states that 2/3rds of the buildings in Socorro were falling down, the local springs heated up 10 degrees, and ominously mentions "a supposed extinct volcano" nearby.

Death and destruction. Panic ensues.

As I understand, this "major" earthquake was extremely overexagerated in the press. Socorro is prone to small earthquakes; I've felt a few of them myself when I lived there. This earthquake may have been stronger than usual and some houses may have been damaged, but it's very doubtful that 2/3rds of the homes were destroyed. Especially since there are many old homes still standing.

Check out this link: "Town Being Shaken Down".

I found this link by doing a search on Google News Archive Search.

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