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06 September 2008

Mystery Photo

A couple of years ago, my uncle gave me the photo below:

He didn't know who the people in the photo were. They may be from our family (Baca, Bourguinon, Torres, Trujillo), or may be from his ex-wife's family (Peralta, or other families.) His ex-wife died a few years ago, so he can't ask her. The family is probably from the Socorro, New Mexico area.

Based on clothing styles, it appears that this photo was taken in the early 1900s, possible as late as the late 1910s. I used a great book called "Dating Old Photographs: 1840-1929" to figure this out.

If you have any idea who these people are, please post a comment to this blog or send my an e-mail at If you need it, I can give you more details about my uncle and aunt through e-mail.

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