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11 September 2008

Two More Mystery Photos

Anita, one of my readers, sent me the two photos below:

She says this about the photos:

Here are a few photos that I'm curious about. This is from my grandmother's collection. My grandmother's name is Maria Gumecinda Gonzales (1905-1995) her husband my grandfather was Jesus Eleodoro Gomez (1910-1986), Grandma was born in Sanchez, lived in Sabinoso in 1910 and grandpa was born in Montoya, then lived in Chaperito. They married about 1931 then spent most of their adult lives in Las Vegas, New Mexico. I'm guessing these men are relatives or friends of theirs.

I don't know who the little girl is possibly a relative or friend of the parents of grandma Gumecinda Gonzales. They were Clemencia "Lujana" Lujan (b 1865) and Anselmo Gonzales (b 1858). My records show that some of the villages and areas they lived in were, Sabinoso, Sapello, Tecolote, & Trujillo.

I'll send more information about the antique photo after I get it scanned,it's packed away, I'm sure the little girl's last name is Gallegos, which is on the back of the photo.

If you have any idea who these people are, please either post a comment to this blog or send me an e-mail at I'll pass on the information to Anita.

If you wish to have me a mystery photo or other type of inquiry posted on my blog, please send me an e-mail at the above address.


Sheri said...

Great little website you have here Robert. You know I have been staring at the photo of the "little girl" all morning and I kepp coming up with the same impression: She doesn't look like a little girl, she looks like a grown woman. A very small grown woman. Is that possible?


Robert Baca said...

I don't know. That's an intriguing question. I think I'll ask the person who sent the picture.

BankruptcyOfAmerica said...

I have similar pictures of my great grandmother and her little sisters from about 1910. With that same type of logo across the bottom.

This probably is her grandmother.