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31 August 2008

How to Create Your Own Genealogy Blog

I love genealogy and I love blogging. Blogging allows me to pass information to other people about the research that I've been doing. Relatives and others have found this blog and have shared photos, documents and information. I have also been able to help reunite long lost relatives with this blog. Recently, a number of my distant cousins came to Albuquerque to attend the Torres Family Reunion here. We may have not been able to find each other if I hadn't posted a picture of my 2nd great grandfather on this blog.

I encourage anyone who has an interest in genealogy and a basic understanding of computers and the Internet to try posting a blog. It's fairly easy to do. There's even a tutorial online titled "How to Create Your Own Genealogy Blog in Less than 5 Minutes...."

Check it out.


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