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09 July 2008

Photos of New Mexico

I discovered that a distant cousin of mine, Nancy Lopez (not the golfer), has a blog called CyBeRGaTa. I met her on-line a couple of years ago - she discovered one of my sites - and I've talked to her in person at least a time or two.

Anyway, she has a post called "Photos and Thoughts, Pie Town and Penasco, New Mexico". The post contains a number of photos that she found at the Library of Congress website include those of Alburquerque (Albuquerque), Penasco, Pie Town (which was known as "Norman's Place" at one time), and Magdalena. I love the stories that she tells with the photos.

Check out the photo of the Albuqueque Heights in 1943. I live in that area now. It's much bigger now than it used to be.

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