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08 July 2008

Photos of Estanislao Chavez and Family

It seems like recently I'm posting more articles about people who are not directly related to me. Jeanette from Hawaii, who sent me stories about Estanislao Chavez, has now sent me photos of her late husband's ancestors. She asked me to post these in order that other family members may find them. Jeanette got these photos from her husband's Aunt Cosette Lowe of Santa Fe.

Estanislao V. and Ellen (Olsen) Chavez in their law office

Estanislao V. Chavez

Jesus Maria and Luz (Torres) Chavez

According to Jeanette, Jesus and Luz were Estanislao's parents. Jesus was born in Belen in 1831, while Luz was born in Socorro in 1840.

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