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02 August 2007


My cousin Maurine informed me that somehow the photos she sent me got scanned in backwards. So I went back and did a mirror image of those pictures.

See the fixed up photos here.

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Angela Gutierrez said...

Hi. My name is Angela (Gonzales) Gutierrez. I am the daughter of Albert Gonzales, who is one of the sons of Andreita and Daniel. The boy standing in the front I believe is my uncle Danny and the 2 girls on his side are my aunts, Marcelina & Nettie. I believe that the child my grandmother is holding is my father, Albert. My grandmother, Andreita lost her mother, Marcelina Sanchez Luna when she was around 2 years old. If anyone has anymore photos of my grandmother Andreita, my great-grandmother Marcelina, or my great-great grandmother, Domatila, please post them! My email address is: I would love to say Hello to any family members. :)