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27 July 2007

More Torres Family Photos

My California counsin Maurine P. sent me a couple more photos of the Torres family:

Maurine writes:

The first (photo) is of Domitila and Crespin about 1930s with Domitila's granddaughter Andreita Luna Gonzales and her husband Daniel and three of their children. The Gonzales family lived in Albuquerque.

Domitila (Torres) Sanchez, was the eldest daughter of Crespin Torres and Andreita Trujillo. Andreita Gonzales is her granddaughter through her daughter Marcelina (Sanchez) Luna.

Maurine writes:

The other (photo) was taken Nov. 25, 1912 in Albuquerque. Jose and Lola Torres were the witnesses at the marriage of Francisco Sanchez to Maria Saavedra Lueras. Francisco is the son of Domitila and Moises Sanchez.

Jose Torres and Lola, or Dolores, Torres were both children of Crespin and Andreita Torres. Therefore, they were the uncle and aunt of Francisco Sanchez. Neither Jose nor Lola were married at that time, which is probably why they witnessed the wedding together.

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