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19 July 2007

Crespin Torres and Andreita Trujillo's Children

Domitila Torres (Jan. 13, 1870-June 3, 1952)
married Moises Sanchez
Gave birth to at least 13 children
Seven children lived to adulthood: Marcelina, Francisco, Victoriano, Crespin, José, Monica and Enrique

(Not pictured)
Monica Torres (born 1872) Died in her early 20s
married David Montoya in 1887
One son: Juan Jose

Apolonio Torres (born 1873)
married Aurora Tarin in 1900
Six children: Luis, Maximiliano, Johnny, Nestor, Josefina, and Clarence.

Ignacio Torres (1875-1950)

Married Andrea Montoya on 30 November 1906

Andrea had one child from a previous marriage: Manuelita Marquez

Ignacio and Andrea had four children: José, Teresita, Maggie and Anastacio.

Jose Torres (Oct. 5, 1881-Feb. 11, 1959)

met and married Josefa "Josie" Armijo in Albuquerque

Josefa Armijo had a child from a previous marriage: Benny Lubbon

Jose and Josefa had six children: Esther, Santiago, Santos, Dolores, Bob and Audrey

Dolores (Lola) Torres (July 15, 1885-Dec. 27, 1952)

Married Vivian Stapleton when they were both 36 years old.

They did not have any children.

Rogerio Torres (Dec. 8, 1887-Nov. 26,1934)

Married Clara McCullough de Sanchez.

She had four children from a previous marriage: Annie, Clarita, Frances and Adelita.

Rogerio and Clara had three children: Annie, Susie and Roger Jr.

Guadalupe (Lupe) Torres (Oct. 4, 1890-Feb. 27, 1981)

Guadalupe married twice: Jose Gallegos and Tomas Olguin

She did not have any children with Jose Gallegos

Tomas Olguin had three children from a previous marriage: Tersila, Rosela and José de la Cruz

Tomas and Lupe had two children together: Tommy and Crespiano, aka "Kippy."

Photographs supplied by Maurine Pool.

Reference: "The Torres Family" by Maurine Pool. Written for the Torres Reunion in April 1992.

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