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23 May 2007

Wedding of Esteban Zimmerly and Delfina Torres

On April 22, 1908, Esteban Zimmerly, the son of Samuel and Maria Paubla (Torres) Zimmerly married Delfina Torres, the daughter of Jose Epitacio and Maria Guadalupe (Padilla) Torres in the San Miguel Parish, Socorro, New Mexico. Esteban and Delfina were my maternal grandmother's parents.

This picture was taken on the wedding day. It was sent to me a few years ago by a distant cousin who is descended from Delfina's sister Josefita Torres. Josefita would later marry Herminio Aragon.

All of the children pictured are the sons and daughters of my 2nd great grandparents Jose Epitacio and Maria Torres. According to my cousin, the people in the picture are as follows:

Top Row, from left to right: Jose Epitacio Torres, Valentin Torres, Defina (or Aldelfina) Torres, Estevan Deluvino Zimmerly, Josefita Torres, "Gallegos" (brother to Maria Padilla), Maria Guadalupe Torres, and Jose Torres (baby.)

Sitting on steps, left to right: Maria Dolores Torres (adopted), Maria Guadalupe Torres, and Juana Maria Torres - also known as Jenny or Evita.

Update: Judi Darling informed me that she is the one who sent me this photo. Her brother Larry Gonzales is the one who labeled the people in this picture. 12/3/2007.


Larry said...

I think you have discovered that there may be a mistake in the identity of the baby in the picture. If you want a picture without the names I can send you one that I have. I am the one who had the picture restored and then scanned it in.
Larry Gonzales.

Robert Baca said...


I would like to have a copy of the photo w/o the names. Please send it to me at

Anonymous said...

I am a descendant of Hermenio Aragon and Josefita Torres, and am trying to gather information on them. I do have some old photographs I can share. please contact me at Thank you