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02 June 2012

Zimmerly, Torres wedding

Below is a family photo taken after the marriage of my great-grandparents Estevan Zimmerly and Delfina Torres. They are the couple in the center of the photograph. The other people in the photo are Delfina's family - her parents, brothers and sisters and an uncle. To the far left, wearing a hat, his her father Jose E. Torres. To the far right, holding the baby is her mother Maria Guadalupe (Padilla) Torres. I've posted a different copy of this photo before which was in much better condition, but had a bunch of wording obscuring part of the picture.

Below is Estevan and Delfina's wedding invitation.

Below is my translation of the wedding invitation using online translation machines:

You and your family are respectfully invited to attend
the marriage of our children
Delfina Torres
Estevan Zimmerly
which is to be held on the day of April 22,
A.D. 1908, at 7 A.M.
in the Catholic Church of San Miguel
in Socorro, N.M.,
and from there they will be given a toast at the home of the
(first?), and there will be a dance in the evening at the
Garcia Opera (House).
Jose E. Torres.
Paulita T. Zimmerly,
Socorro, N.M., 14 April 1908.

Jose E. Torres was Delfina's father. Paulita T. (Torres) Zimmerly was Estevan's mother.
By the way, the Garcia Opera House, where the dance was held, was built by Francisca Garcia, the widow of Juan Nepomuceno Garcia and dedicated to his memory. Delfina's mother was the niece of Juan Nepomuceno & Francisca Garcia.


Andrés Armijo said...

Very beautiful. I have an invitation of the wedding of my great-uncle in my first book.

"en la casa del primero" meaning, or conveying the sense like "respectively" referring to José Torres - the father of the bride.

Andrés Armijo said...

Not sure if you were able to see my first comment. I sent it, but then the box was left blank. In case you didn't get it, I had mentioned I have a similar wedding and reception invitation of a great-uncle, same time period.

The "en la casa del primero" refers to José Torres, the father of the bride. A phrase in Spanish somewhat like saying "respectively" in writing to express order (José Torres is father of the bride, bride is mentioned first in invitations), etc.