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17 June 2012

Who is in the photo? One person is probably Serito Baca

Above is a probable photo of Serito Baca and three other men. Francisco Sisneros lent me this photo at the Historical Society of New Mexico Conference a month ago. He gave me permission to copy it and put it on this blog. I gave him back the photo today at the Genealogical Society of Hispanic America conference in Santa Fe.

Serito Baca was the brother of my maternal great-grandfather Rafael Baca. They were both the sons of Ramon Baca and Maria Anastasia Padilla.
The 1900 census of Luis Lopez, New Mexico indicates that Serito was born in February 1870.  The 1910 census indicates that he married Emena Padilla in 1902 (I'm not sure why I only have census records to indicate these relationships. I'll have to check this out later.)

I need your help. Do you recognize anyone in the photo? If you do, send me an email at Thanks! Robert Baca

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