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17 April 2009

Poetry and Genealogy

I found a post by George Geder, a family historian and photo restoration artist: Genealogy and the Poetry Jam. While attending a poetry slam in Santa Fe, he noticed that some of the contestants recited poetry about their ancestors. He suggests genealogical conferences should host poetry slams for genealogists who wish to honor their ancestors in verse. I think it's a great idea.

In his post he includes a poem that he wrote about one of his ancestors, which based on an obituary that he read. To read his post, click on this link.


Jordan Jones said...

Robert, my book SAND & COAL, is a book of poems in which 2 of the three sections consist of genealogical poems. (I even have a simplified descendancy chart in the front of the book.)

-- Jordan Jones

Robert Baca said...


That's great! I'd love to read that book.