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22 June 2008

Historical Photographs: WWII, Vietnam, Vietnam Memorial Wall

Footnote, a website that has a database of over 38,000,000 images from the National Archives and other sources, announced recently that it will permanently allow free access to its complete collection of photos from World War II and Vietnam. There are over 80,000 photos in this collection. Link.

The collection includes images from the Vietnam War Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. These images are searchable by name, allowing for viewers to find individual soldiers' names on the wall.

Users of the site will be able to write captions and stories to accompany the photos, and may even upload additional pictures. This allows for people to create online memorials of loved ones who were killed during the conflict. In order to do this, you will have to sign up for membership to the site. Membership is free; however, free membership allows only limited access to the Footnote website. You will be encouraged to sign up for a paid membership to the site.

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