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07 June 2007

Marriage Record: Juan Baca and Carolina Bourguignon

Document view.

Part of this record is difficult to read, but I was able to figure out the following facts:

1.) On 9 April 1900 at the San Miguel Parish in Socorro (New Mexico), Juan Baca, single, son of Martin Baca, deceased, and Rita Luna of Lemitar (New Mexico); married Carolina Bourguignon, single, daughter of Felipe Bourguignon, deceased, and Tomasa Gonzalez of Lemitar.

2.) A prenuptial investigation was performed on the couple, and it was discovered that they were related in the 3rd degree of consanguinity.

3.) The witnesses were Eliseo Sanchez and Clarita Garcia. The officiating priest was Philberto Martin.

A transcription of portions of this record can be found in the reference below. I used the transcription to help me decipher parts of the record.

Matrimonios San Miguel del Socorro, Our Lady of Sorrows de La Joya, San Marcial y San Ignacio y San Cristobal, (Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico. Albuquerque, NM. 1999), p. 232.

Juan Baca and Carolina Bourguignon were indeed related in the 3rd degree of consanguinity. They were 2nd cousins. Below is a chart that I created to show their relationship (it was not in the original document) :

Jose Joaquin de Luna

father of

Francisco de Luna *** siblings *** Maria de Jesus de Luna

parents of

Maria Luna *** cousins *** Tomasa Gonzalez

parents of

Juan Baca *** 2nd cousins *** Carolina Bourguignon

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