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01 June 2007

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

A couple of years ago, I found a website that had Albuquerque burials from 1726 and 1776. I promptly printed the list - 46 pages - and filed it away. Today I was looking trhough my cabinet and found the lists. I decided that I would share the list on this blog so I put in the URL. It was gone! Just in case, I searched Google. It couldn't find it anywhere on the web.

If you are looking for these records off line, they are on LDS Roll # 0016645 - Archives of the Ardiocese of Santa Fe.


nlopez54 said...

These records were on Jackie Luna's site, and she has taken everything off her site. I wish I had done the same thing you did, and copied all of her records or at least her pages of death records. You were smart. I'm hoping Jackie will update her web page. Her page was a great resource for people looking for New Mexico records. Maybe is we email her, it will encourage her to jump start her page again.

Robert Baca said...

It just shows you that nothing is permanent on the web.