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06 March 2006

Wedding Photo - Robert C. Baca and Frances R. Baca

Wedding photo, Robert C. Baca and Frances R. Baca, October 27, 1954, Socorro, New Mexico.

From left to right (not including the children)
1.) Theresa Baca, bridesmaid, groom's sister.
2.) David Baca, groomsman, groom's brother.
3.) Unknown bridesmaid.
4.) Ernest Chavez, groomsman, bride's cousin.
5.) Ernest Manning, best man, bride's uncle.
6.) Robert C. Baca, groom.
7.) Frances R. Baca, bride.
8.) Ida (Zimmerly) Manning, matron of honor, bride's aunt.
9.) Unknown groomsman.
10.) Josie Baca, bridesmaid, bride's sister.
11.) Unknown bridesmaid.
12.) Unknown groomsmen.

1.) Eddie Bernal, ring-bearer, bride's cousin.
2.) Ina Mae Zimmerly, flower girl, bride's cousin.

Of the groomsmen that I was not able to identify, one is Robert Navarez, the other Nazario Lopez.
Of the bridesmaids that I was not able to identify, one is Lucy Gonzales, the othe Lugy Romero.

1 comment:

Robert Baca said...

The following comments were posted on another link, however I felt that it was more appropriate for me to post it on this link.

Mr. Baca, was the groomsman nazario Lopez the son of Patricio and Dulcenea Lopez. Socorro New mexico. If he was he was my uncle. My father was his brother Mike lopez my mother Manuela Lopez.

Nora Lopez Gallegos
Alta Loma, Ca

# posted by nora lopez gallegos : 10:52 PM

Thank you for posting on my website. I am not sure who Nazario Lopez is. If you look at the photo, he was one of the groomsmen I was not able to identify.

Take a look at the photo. Does one of those men appear to be your uncle? Please let me know by either posting on this website or sending me an Email.

Thank you,

Robert Baca
# posted by Robert Baca : 11:29 AM