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03 March 2006

Website Link: Information about Samuel Zimmerly and Maria Paubla Torres

I found a web site that includes stories about my 2nd Great Grandfather Samuel Zimmerly and his wife Maria Paubla Torres. It is on the El Defensor chieftain website:

This history has some incorrect information. Samuel Zimmerly was from Switzerland, not Germany. There is no proof that he arrived in the United States with his family; he may have come here alone. The story is that he and his three brothers arrived in the United States and went their separate ways. This may be true, but I haven't found any information to back this up.

Also, since Samuel Zimmerly was born in Switzerland, his grandson Edward Zimmerly who was shot down during World War II in Germany didn't die near where his grandfather was born.

I'll post some information about the Zimmerlys on this site soon.

Samuel Zimmerly was my maternal grandmother Paublita (Zimmerly) Baca's paternal grandfather. Paublita Baca's father was Samuel's son Estevan, who was not mentioned in this article.


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