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06 October 2012

Comment and correction to Socorro Grant Article

Francisco Sisneros, a respected New Mexico genealogist and founder of the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center, sent me an email a few days ago regarding my article about the 1818 list of Socorro residents that I published in the September 2012 New Mexico Genealogist. Francisco knows a lot about the Rio Abajo, so I trust him when he says something about the area. He wrote:

"Robert, thanks for the latest Socorro article. I hope you compile all your Socorro material soon and have it published in book form. I have just two initial comments: on page 120 you surmise that "Melisiano" is a title and I agree. Probably, this is the scribe's rendering of the Spanish word "miliciano" which means "militia man." Also, on the same page, you say that Los Enlames is a plaza of Belen. Los Enlames is not a plaza of Belen and never was. Los Enlames, is located between Tome and Casa Colorada on the east side of the Rio Grande and was settled probably in the very late 1790s and today is known as Adelino. Hope all is well. Francisco"

The article in question is:

Robert J. C. Baca, "Early Settlers of the Socorro Land Grant: An 1818 List Part III", New Mexico Genealogist, 51 (September 2012), pp. 118-126.

Part I of the article was published in the September 2011 New Mexico Genealogist, and Part II was published in March 2012.

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