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25 August 2012

A Few 1881 and 1882 Socorro Baptisms

Yesterday, I went to the Albuquerque Genealogy Library to research a baptisms for a Perfil(o) Baca. Nancy Anderson, the New Mexico Genealogical Society's treasurer and Primeras Familias researcher, requested that I look up this name for a member who requested our help. The member said that Perfil(o) Baca was born in 1881, but did not give us any further information.

I spent about and hour and a half looking at this name through the Archives of the Archdioces of Santa Fe microfilm #0016994 which includes "Socorro, San Miguel Church Records Baptisms 1865-1931". I looked not only in the year 1881, but 1880 and 1882, also. If I had time, I would have done a full 10 year wrap around of the 1881 date, but I didn't have the time. Unfortunately, I was unable to find Perfil(o) Baca in any variation of spellings that the name could come in. The closest I could get was a male baby by the name of Pilar Baca, but I didn't believe this was the same person.

While I was researching the name, I came across five baptisms that piqued my interested. They were all related to me in some way. I decided to transcribe and partially translate the baptisms. Unfortunately, I made a few mistakes. For instance, I'm not sure if the baptism for Maria Dolores Zimmerly says that she was baptized on "tres" (3) or "trece" (13) of March 1881. Twice I've recorded her baptism as saying "tres"; however, a family history says that she was born on 10 March 1881. If she was baptized on the 13th of March, and was born three days prior, (as her baptisms states) then she could have been born on 10 March. I also wrote down that Jose Torres was baptized "el mismo dia" (the same day) in October 1881. This means that he was baptized on the same day as a child in the previous baptismal entry. Unfortunately, I did not write down the day from the previous entry. Lastly, I was trying to write down the padrinos, or godparents, of each child. I forgot to write them down for Valentin Torres. Oops.

I've decided to start a new series on my blog. Jose Sanchez III and  the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center have published marriage books for Socorro dating from 1821 through 1900. In addition, The New MeFxico Genealogical Society and HGRC have published baptismal books from 1821 to 1865. However, no one to my knowledge has published Socorro baptisms from 1865 on. Due to an agreement between NMGS and HGRC, it would be up to HGRC to publish baptisms for those dates. HGRC has published many fine books over the years and I'm not criticizing their publication priorities. However, it would be nice if a book did come out sometimes.

There are probably thousands of entries for the time period of 1865 to 1900. I would be impossible for me to  transcribe all of them myself. However, I have transcribed a few over the years. Therefore, I will begin posting them here.

If you have any baptismal records from Socorro that you would like to post on my blog, please let me know at

My tranlsation skills are not perfect. Oftentimes it is difficult to read what is written. Therefore, realize that there may be mistakes. I suggest that you use the information below as a guide and take a look at the microfilm yourself. One last thing, Many times names are abbreviated. In order to allow for search engines to find these names on the Internet, I have written them out completely. However, the spelling of other names are as I found them on the record.

Maria Dolores Zimmerly del Socorro. 3rd (or 13th) day of March (1881), baptized Maria Dolores born 3 days prior, the legitimate daughter of Sam. Zimmerly and Paula Torres of Socorro. Padrinos: Valentin Torres, Josefa Ortiz.

Jose Torres del Socorro. "El mismo dia" (October 1881) baptized Jose born 5 days prior, the legitimate son of Crespin Torres and Andrea Trujillo of Socorro. Padrinos: Jose de la Cruz Olguin and Enavista Padilla.

Maria Eleonor Baca. April 24 (1882) baptized Maria Eleanor born 7 days prior, the legitimate daughter of Alejandro Baca and Ursula Montoya. Padrinos: Elucamio (?) Montoya and Leonor Gonzales.

Luis Baca del Limitar. May 21 (1882) baptized Luis born 15 days before, the legitimate sons of Jose Miguel Baca and Abrama (?) Lopez. Padrionos: Dionisio Baca and Tomasa Baca.

Valentin Torres. November 9 (1882) baptized Valentin Torres born 2 days before, the legitimate son of Jose Epitasio Torres and Josefa Aveita.

Source: Archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, Socorro San Miguel Church Records Baptisms 1865 - 1931, AASF 0016994.

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